Saturday, 9 February 2013

High Street vs. High End - Printed Scarves

Lightweight printed scarves are a great accessory for the warmer months so I thought they would be perfect for a High St vs. High End feature as a reminder to all my UK readers that even though it might be cold right now, summer is on it's way! (Wishful thinking....?)
Anyway, here are my ten choices for printed scarves to brighten up your summer outfits this year.
high street printed scarves
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First up are my lower priced picks which range from a tiny supermarket £5 up to (a still reasonable) £33. Although it isn't really shown in the image the Topshop scarf actually has an illustrated fox print in a bold orange shade. Animal prints have been popular throughout A/W and it seems they're going to be sticking around for the warmer months too. The delicate print and colours of the Fat Face scarf are perfect for S/S but if pastels aren't your thing it is also available in a deeper navy colourways as well. The most expensive of the bunch is the Snowfall print scarf by Becksondergaad but with such a versatile colour and simple print it would be easy to pair with any outfit. For something bolder I've chosen a bright Paisley print piece by Mango which as modelled on the website will dress up a plain white t-shirt perfectly. Finally the bargain of the five is a thin heart print scarf by George at ASDA. I think the metallic print on a nude scarf would actually be a great DIY project but with the expense of fabrics and when you can buy one (with your weekly shop!) for just £5 its hardly worth attempting your own version!

high end printed scarves 
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Looking at my high end picks all nicely lined up you can definitely see how much more luxurious the fabrics are, but for prices all in excess of £150 they should be! First up is an Art-Deco inspired piece by Moschino which mixes bold stripes with photographic images and pops of colour making it the most unique of my choices. Next is a text print scarf from Faliero Sarti, mainly monochrome with just an accent of red its a little more subtle then the rest of the high end scarves. Of course I couldn't not include a bright floral print and this one by Erdem is perfect for a sunny day. My personal favourite of the five, the Faliero Sarti butterfly print, is bold with a slightly different take on the animal print trend. To finish off I've chosen a classic fashion piece that's been popular for a while now - the Alexander McQueen skull print scarves which are available in various different colour combinations to suit any style.
Which scarf is your favourite?

Don't forget to check back for tomorrow's DIY post where I will be showing you a tie dye technique which could be used to customise your own summer scarf!
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