Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday DIY: Paper Bead Jewellery


This week's DIY project is first to going to show you how to make basic paper beads and then how to use them to make jewellery pieces that are completely unique! The beads are very simple to make and you don't need a lot of materials, the jewellery will require a few more supplies and tools but is still very easy to do.
To make paper beads you will need - old magazines or other papers, a paintbrush, something round to form the beads on - I use a crochet hook , scissors and PVA glue. A bamboo skewer is optional for drying the beads


The first step is to cut out the strips which will form the beads. These can be as long and as wide as you like but they should be slightly tapered at one end. Remember, the widest end of the paper will be the width of your finished bead


Next take your strip of paper and wrap it tightly round the crochet hook once. Apply a small amount of PVA glue just below this and continue wrapping the paper tightly around the hook until you have a cm or two left. Apply a little more glue to this last section and finish wrapping

You should then end up with a bead that looks something like this. Slide the bead off of the hook and set aside for later. Repeat this process until you have made as many beads as you like and then you're ready to glaze them


To make the glazing process easier I slid my beads onto a skewer so that I could glaze them all in one go without getting covered in glue myself! Paint each bead all over with a layer of PVA glue - this will make them more durable and will also add shine


Once they are dry you can slide them off the skewer and they're ready to use for your jewellery piece! If you want to you can cut the beads down to a smaller size before you use them.
To make a bracelet or necklace like the ones shown above just thread the bead onto your chain or cord. Alternatively follow the steps below to make a pair of earrings...


To make the earrings you will need - two paper beads, two eyepins, two large round beads, two earring hooks, a piece of delicate chain, jewellery pliers (preferably flat & round nosed) & wire cutters


Thread a round bead followed by a paper bead onto an eyepin. Take your flat-nosed jewellery pliers and bend the end of the eyepin

Using round-nosed pliers bend the rest of the remaining wire into a spiral shape to make sure the bead is secure. Next cut two matching pieces of chain, open up the eyepin and earring hook using the pliers, thread on the chain and close them up again. Repeat the whole process and your earrings are finished!

Have you ever made your own beads?
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