Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Although it is January 1st I'm not interested in making New Year's resolutions however I have been planning a few little tweaks for my blog and now that the Christmas themed posts are out of the way it seems like an appropriate time to make these changes. Although this post isn't exactly necessary I thought it would be easier to write it all down in one go instead of explaining new formats in individual posts.

Week In Photos & Lifestyle - The one thing that you all seem most interested in from these posts is seeing the bunnies (totally understandable, I love seeing those little faces too!) so I'm taking that on board and will be trying to blog about them a little more frequently from now on. I will be also be posting 'Quick Catchup's (like this one) every now and again along with other 'lifestyle' posts including the odd recipe, shop updates, photography, artwork, journal updates etc

Style, Nail Art & Reviews - Style is what I initially started blogging about back in 2010 and is definitely an element I want to keep around. Style inspiration posts will still be popping up here, just not every week. I am aiming to vary them more and introduce a series similar to my popular Zoe Hart style posts showing how to 'get the look' of other characters. Nail art tutorials and product reviews will also still be making an appearance.

Film - I haven't posted a film roundup since October! These used to be my favourite posts to write but for me 2012 didn't deliver on the new releases front leaving me feeling uninspired to write about them. With titles including Ender's Game, The Gangster Squad, Catching Fire, City Of Bones, World War Z and Iron Man 3 already on my hit list for 2013 I'm hoping this year will be bringing me lots of amazing new releases to write about so I can get back on track! This year I'm planning to focus more on writing full review posts on films I want to talk about instead of including them all in a roundup style.

Books & Reading - Since Ria and I started our collaborative book blog (find it here) back in September I have been posting two full book reviews per month there and just monthly roundups including mini reviews here. As a new member of Netgalley I have some extra books in the form of eARCs to review so I'm going to be posting a few full reviews here as well.

DIY & Crafts - Amongst the changes the one thing you can count on staying exactly the same are my Sunday DIYs! Over the last six months I have really gotten into a proper routine with these and they have quickly become my most popular posts which is amazing because I love to craft, photograph and write for them. I enjoyed my Halloween themed month of DIY challenges alongside Skye so much that I am looking for you guys to challenge me with your DIY ideas and themes this year (click here for more information) so please let me know if you want to get involved!

Finding a good sign off for posts would be a good idea too!

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