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LUSH Eyes Right Mascara

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When most people go shopping for a new mascara they're looking for one that does it all. They want length, volume, curl and staying power but for me its all about finding one that doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, so when I saw this on the LUSH website I knew I had to try it.

The Basics -  The product description explains how the use of natural ingredients and only one preservative as opposed to the average 4-6. These are generally what causes irritation meaning it is perfect for sensitive eyes. The main ingredient is Wheatgrass which contains vitamins and minerals to help condition your lashes (and also smells really good!). It contains Carnauba wax which helps it to set and stay in place all day making it waterproof too.

Unusual Packaging? - The first thing you'll probably notice about this product is how different the packaging is to other mascaras on the market. As much as I want to love the compact packaging it does have its flaws the first being that it is made of glass and therefore fairly fragile. The final photo above shows the other flaw (and my main issue with this product overall) sometimes when you unscrew the lid and pull it up the brush is no longer attached to it meaning that if you want to reattach it to the lid it gets very messy! Of course this can be easily fixed with a little glue but its pretty annoying that the problem exists in the first place.

Is It As Easy To Apply As Other Mascaras? - Yes, and no... As you can tell from the photographs the wand is very short so it can be tricky to use but the brush itself is a normal sized slightly tapered bristle brush.

How Does It Look & Wear? - Clearly this is a black mascara (I usually opt for brown but it isn't available in other colours) but it isn't one of those 'supposed to be black but is actually dark grey' type of shades - it really is black. Just as the instructions state you can apply one coat for a natural everyday look or build it up for a more dramatic appearance. I wouldn't say it lengthens any more than other mascaras and you can achieve the volume others would give by applying several coats. I haven't had any problems with it flaking or smudging throughout the day either.

Is It Really Suitable For Sensitive Eyes? - In my case, yes. The most impressive thing about this mascara is that for me it does live up to it's claims. I can't explain how much of a difference it has made to have my eyes not get itchy or irritated everyday when I'm wearing it.

Although the packaging is far from perfect the fact that this mascara is completely comfortable for me to wear everyday more than makes up for that - my search for a sensitive eyes friendly mascara is over!

Have you tried Eyes Right?
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