Monday, 29 October 2012

Fortnight In Photos #5

More books for the to-read pile / Sawyer is a genius, so proud of him! / New nail polish (post on that coming later this week) / Lilac hair / DIY Halloween cupcake ideas for this post / Sorting sorting sorting! / Halloween nail designs for this post / Finally started A Game Of Thrones - so far I'm not loving it / Guess who! / First ever and not particularly good pumpkin carving attempt / New favourite hat / More Dexter / Editing for my first Blogger's Bookshelf post (which goes up on Wednesday evening!) / Apparently cardboard is very tasty / Gradient nails from this tutorial post
Also this fortnight:
- Becky & Abbi both wrote lovely posts about the prizes they recently won in my second birthday giveaway and I'd love for you to all take a look at their blogs! Thank you to everyone else who entered as well, I really appreciate it.
- My new project Blogger's Bookshelf is finally live! The first review post has been written by my lovely book blogging partner in crime Ria and will be up on the blog this evening. We've put a lot of time and effort into this project so please do go and take a look and let us know what you think!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

October DIY Challenge: Halloween Nail Art

halloween nail art9

Instead of creating a tutorial for just one Halloween nail art design Skye & I decided to each fill up a nail wheel with some inspiration for you guys. All of the designs on my wheel were created using dotting tools and paintbrushes but if you don't have either of those then you can still recreate some of the designs using things you might have lying around like cocktail sticks, pins or even pencils! 
halloween nails

The super glittery nail is one of my favourites and would be a great option if you're not into painting intricate designs onto your nails. To get this effect I layered three different glitter polishes over a black-based shade which also contained micro glitter.
The bloody fingerprint is another really simple idea, just use a red acrylic paint and stamp onto a light coloured base. Don't forget to seal the acrylic paint with a topcoat though!
A spider's web is a classic design for Halloween & Skye created a beautiful version (complete with gif!) last year. I also did something similar for my Spider-Man nails.
Candy corn is something that we don't have over here in the UK but it was the inspiration for this super bright and fun striped design.
The bloodshot eyeball has also been very popular all year round thanks to Wah Nails but it is particularly perfect for Halloween.
Frankenstein's monster is another one of my personal favourites and is also very easy to do. I had to mix up a green for the base so I added in a little shimmer too.
halloween nails

A sparkly ghost is a cute twist on a plain ghost design, just add a layer of glitter topcoat! I also added a layer of glow in the dark polish (which you can pick up from the supermarkets right now) but unfortunately it was too tricky to photograph!
The Mummy didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped it would but it is a good one to attempt if you feel like opting for something a bit more ambitious.
The black cat design works all year round not just for Halloween!
I thought about creating a pirate-esque skull and crossbones but instead opted for a simple bones design and a separate sugar skull inspired design which I think is a great twist on your average skull nail art.
The spooky eyes were inspired by the popular Giles Deacon manicure but with a black background to make it more Halloween appropriate.
halloween nails

The blood splatter design is one you may have seen here before in my Tim Burton inspired nail art post. Its really easy to do and the best part is it doesn't matter if you're a messy painter!
I really wanted to create some awesome haunted house nails but these didn't quite turn out as planned. I still really like the deep purple background though as it makes a nice change from the typical blacks, whites, greens, reds and oranges.
The stitched up nails are one of the most simple, just grab a thin paintbrush and get creative! they're perfect if you're dressing up as a doll this Halloween.
I decided to give the classic ghost another glittery twist this time by adding a pretty flakie topcoat to the black background.
The swirl was inspired by Tim Burton's artwork and although took a little longer than some of the other designs is another of my favourites.
And of course, last but not least it wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin!
halloween nails

As you can see I made quite the mess creating these designs, mainly because I had to mix up quite a few of the colours, but I had a lot of fun filling up the wheel with Halloween inspiration!

Will you be attempting any nail art for Halloween?

 Click here to see Skye's designs!

This is the fourth and final part of our October DIY Challenge and I really hope you've enjoyed both mine and Skye's Halloween DIY ideas as much as I've enjoyed working on the challenges.
I'd also just like to say thank you again to Skye for teaming up with me on this little project which has helped inspire me to come up with some DIYs I never would have thought of before.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Favourite Things: October

 Midnight In Paris - It was a surprise even to me that this DVD made it's way into my collection at all. If you'd have told me the first time I sat and watched it at my film studies evening class that later in the year I would own it I probably would have laughed at you. I reviewed the film here and oh how my opinion has been changed! Whilst I still hate the colouring of it and don't think the Oscar winning script is great, I found myself humming the title music so many times over the last few months that I just had to buy the DVD. I can't explain why I suddenly like this film but I've already watched the DVD three times and its made it's way into a favourites post so I guess I'm now officially a fan.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 02 Brown - When my ELF Cream Eyeliner in Coffee decided to suddenly dry up it was time for me to find a new liner. As much as I liked the ELF one I didn't want to pay they delivery cost just to get one product and at the time Boots had a two for £10 offer on Maybelline. I picked up the gel eyeliner which normally retails at £7.99 along with the Great Lash Mascara (£4.99) which I'm not very impressed with. (Side note - its very difficult to find a nice brown waterproof mascara so if you have any recommendations please let me know!) I really like this liner, its much softer to work with than the ELF one and still lasts all day and it will be my go-to until I can afford to try the Bobbi Brown one.

Origins Starting Over Moisturiser - A long time ago on a trip to the Origins counter my mum and I were both given moisturiser samples and this one was actually hers but I much prefer it to the A Perfect World sample I was given. Whilst I realise this is an 'age-erasing' moisturiser and at 23 its probably not what I should be using on my skin, it really is a nice product. I love the thicker texture and it smells amazing so even though I don't need anti-ageing products just yet I will definitely be using up this sample!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Handcream - I'd been wanting to try this for a long time but I suffer from eczema and didn't want to spend out on another hand cream that would sting and irritate my skin, so like many people I picked up this month's Marie Claire magazine for the free travel size version. I opted for the Shea butter one, although I really wanted the rose, because it was least likely to irritate any dry patches. I really like the fresh, baby powder-ish scent and luckily it has been kind to my problem skin. Although it hasn't in any way helped get rid of the eczema it doesn't aggrivate it either where as most high street creams I have tried have stung on application. I'd definitely like to purchase this once the free sample runs out, however if you do have any other hand cream recommendations for eczema prone skin let me know in the comments!

Feedback by Robison Wells - I included Variant in last month's favourites post and this month the sequel was released. I will be talking a little bit more about it in my October Reads post on Tuesday so look out for that if you're interested in this book.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gradient Manicure.


I realised that I haven't posted much in the way of nail art recently so even though I have lots of nail designs coming up on Sunday as part of my October DIY Challenge with Skye I thought I would pop this one up today. My Ombre Nail posts have both been very popular and this gradient design is another variant of that look. I hope you like it!

To recreate this look you will need a light base colour, a paintbrush, a clear polish, a face/baby wipe, tin foil or cardboard and a coloured polish of your choice

- Paint your nails with your light base coat. To make sure the colour on top will show up well a white polish works best
- Pour out some clear polish onto your foil/cardboard, add a small drop of your coloured polish, mix together and paint onto the nail leaving a small section at the bottom of the nail white
- Do the same again only this time add slightly more of your coloured polish to the mix to create a darker shade. Use your face/baby wipe in between colours to wipe off your paintbrush if you need to
- Depending on how many layers you want your gradient to have repeat this process adding more colour each time
- For the final section at the tip of the nail you can use the coloured polish straight from the bottle rather than mixing it with the clear polish
- Add your favourite topcoat to seal the design and your gradient nails are complete!

I've actually just found out that this manicure has also been done by the girls over at The Beauty Department (its even the same colour!) so be sure to take a look at their post too!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 83.

Textured Boucle Boyfriend Coat £89 & Nails in Panther £6.50 : Topshop
Sylvie Suede Tassel Flats £113.94 : Charles Philip via Shop Bop
Aztec Fairisle Jumper £19.99 : New Look
Flat Fox Gold Ring £5 : Dorothy Perkins 
 Leather Camera Bag £170 : Grafea 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

October DIY Challenge: Halloween Cupcakes!

Week three's challenge was to create Halloween cupcakes and I had so many ideas that I couldn't choose just one. So, whether you are into papercrafts, sewing or just baking here are my four ideas for Halloween cupcakes, hopefully you'll find one that you like!
halloween cupcakes felt

Felt Toppers - This design might look like one for the more crafty of you but they're actually really easy to make. All I did was draw out several basic shapes onto felt using a chalk pencil and cut them out. I stitched on a little bit of detail and once I was happy with the designs I glued them together sandwiching a cocktail stick in between. Alternatively if you don't have a sewing kit you can use pens to draw onto the felt instead. These are my favourite of the designs I created for this challenge and I think they would be great for a Halloween party.
halloween cupcakes witches

Witches -This design is definitely the messiest make of the bunch as I was unable to get hold of any chocolate covered ice cream cones and had to make my own! To create the hats I cut the ice cream cones down to size, melted some dark chocolate and used a spatula to cover them. I then popped them in the freezer for 10/15 minutes to set. To cover the uneven bottom of the cone and to help them stay in place I used liquorice wheels. I removed the centres so that the cones would fit snug inside. I then used some other sweets to create the hair and face.
halloween cupcakes paper

Paper Toppers - If you don't fancy using felt to make Halloween toppers then why not just make some simple paper ones? I used a circle punch for the basic shapes then decorated with some Halloween sequins/confetti I picked up from Poundland (similar available at Tesco or online from Amazon). I also used some glitter glue, pencils, and a stick on eye but whatever craft supplies you have lying around will do. Once you're done with the decorating you'll just need to do the same as with the felt ones and sandwich a cocktail stick in between the two circles with some glue. For the witches hat I again used a circle punch for the base, made a cone for the top and stuck them together with PVA glue. The broomstick is just a small rectangular piece of black paper cut into a fringe style and wrapped around the cocktail stick with a piece of thread. 
halloween cupcakes brains

Brains - This design was taken from ASDA magazine which this month is full of great ideas for Halloween party foods. All you need to do is mix up a pale pink shade and pipe it onto the top of the cake in a squigley shape on each side and a straight line down the centre. You can either use a proper piping bag or just put the icing into a sandwich bag and snip off the corner to make your own. For the blood you will need a smooth red jam (I also added some red food colouring to make it less pink!) which you just add on between the piped icing.
 If you are hosting a Halloween party this year you can pick up a spooky cake display stand like this one from Poundland!
Click here to see Skye's cake decorating ideas.
Will you be making any Halloween cupcakes this year? 

Next week is the final October DIY Challenge so Skye & I are challenging eachother to create Halloween nail art ideas.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Character Style Inspiration: Zoe Hart (Part 6)

It's that time of year again when all my favourite US TV shows are back with their new seasons and that means I can start bringing you regular Zoe Hart style posts again! Hart of Dixie season 2 premiered a few weeks ago and these are just a couple of looks from the episodes so far. For this instalment I've put together two designer vs. high street looks, I hope you like them.

Images of Rachel Bilson from the official CW Hart of Dixie website.
This Vanessa Bruno dress is so unique that it proved rather difficult to find a similar style on the high street. Although the £242 price tag still makes this dress an expensive purchase its actually part of a 50% off deal at! In the end I decided the best way to replicate this look would be to find a high street dress which both resembled the simple shape and mix of colours and prints. This shift dress from New Look fits the description fairly well and also has some on trend studding detail. Like the Vanessa Bruno piece it is also currently on sale only it is priced at just £11. The New Bond Street Ettie by Kate Spade is the exact same one that Rachel carried on the show but will set you back over £100. Again, the geometric clasp detail is the kind of unique detailing that is hard to find on the high street, so instead I found this yellow satchel bag from Matalan which at £8 could easily be customised by adding a chain strap and some studs.
This second outfit is a great example of Zoe's everyday style where a casual outfit or simple piece like this Sandro Paris dress is dressed up with a pair of heels. I believe this is the same dress and shoes Rachel wore on the show and to replicate the outfit exactly, even with the dress being on sale, will set you back £320. For my high street picks I found this dress from Mango which I can definitely see Zoe wearing herself. I have to say I much prefer the original dress, the zip detailing and cinched waist make it stand out however the Mango piece does also have a small bow detailing on the back of the collar. These Topshop Stunner Heels have a similar buckle detailing and open toe style to Rachel's Sergio Rossi Two-Piece Sandals but again, I prefer the designer version!
You can find my Zoe Hart season 1 style posts here.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Fortnight In Photos #4

My two favourites / Finished reading Feedback / Bunny jumper! / Trick or treat boxes DIY / One exhausted bunny / Amazing Big Bang Theory cross stich my lovely friend Cat made for me / Not enjoying this nail polish at all / Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes on Netflix / A charity shop find / New additions to the DVD family / Glitter glue nails! / Mr Sawyer / Nose! / Thoughts on Cabin In The Woods in my October film roundup next week / Spooky ghost DIY

Not much to report this week although I am now blogging from my new workspace which is looking slightly closer to being finished. As mentioned above the collaborative book blog project I have been working away on with Ria is now up and running and ready for you to follow (hint hint!). We don't have any posts up just yet but we will be launching in a couple of week's time so if you are interested we would really love for you to take a look at the Blogger's Bookshelf site.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

October DIY Challenge: Trick or Treat Boxes!

DIY coffin trick or treat box

I found this coffin box design on Martha Stewart's website and thought it would be perfect for this week's DIY tutorial. As you can see I may have gotten a little carried away with my 'photoshoot' today, I think I've been watching too much Dexter!


Obviously you can follow the instructions and video on her website but here is a basic outline of what to do and how I chose to decorate my boxes.
First you'll need to glue your sheets of paper to your sheets of card, attach the template and cut out the bottom of the box. Do the same with the lid, fold it up and stick in place. That's all there really is to it and then you can have some fun with decorating!

Click here to see the original tutorial on the website which also includes the free downloadable templates.

DIY coffin trick or treat box

The Pumpkins - These little pumpkin sequins came in a pack of mixed Halloween designs from Poundland and I just used PVA glue to stick them onto the box. I also popped a few inside the box as festive confetti along with the sweets. The black and brown twine was actually a Christmas product from IKEA a few years back but any twine or string would work fine.

DIY coffin trick or treat box

The Mummy - I picked up a pack of creepy craft eyes from The Early Learning Centre for £1 which included stick on ones like these as well as the classic googly style ones. To create the bandages I used a white electrical tape that was lying around in my craft supplies, but again you can pick this up from Poundland. All I did was cut it into thin strips and stick it on randomly to create a wrapped effect.

DIY coffin trick or treat box

The Blood Stains - To create the 'blood' I mixed red and black acrylic paints, water and PVA glue. I dripped some of the mixture onto the box and then used a straw to spread it out to get more of a splatter effect. As I mentioned earlier, after creating this last box I went a bit crazy with the leftover mixture!


These are a couple of other boxes I made when I was testing out various ideas for this week's challenge. They are just simple origami boxes which luckily I already knew how to make. If you're unsure how to make them I've found this website which has a great a picture tutorial. They only take a couple of minutes to fold up and you can decorate them however you want to.

So those are my Halloween Trick or Treat box designs, let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!

To see how Skye made her Trick or Treat Bags click here.
Next week our challenge is based around baking, so Skye & I have decided to challenge each other to create spooky halloween cupcakes! Stop by this time next Sunday to find out what we come up with.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Glitter Glue Nails.

glitter glue nails

If you're looking for a cheaper way to get sparkly nails this festive season why not invest in some glitter glue pens? I picked up a set of ten for £1 and the looks above are just a few of the possible colour combinations. The best way to use them is to take a paintbrush and make sure you spread the glitter thinly so that it will dry, that way you can layer on different colours. Just make sure you remember to seal your glitter with a clear topcoat otherwise it will wash away!
Although I still think a good glitter topcoat works best this is a great cheap alternative as well as a good way to get the exact colour combination you want.

What are your favourite ways to create inexpensive nail art?

** Don't forget to enter my second birthday giveaway for your chance to win lots of goodies including jewellery, cards, tote bags, makeup, bunting, nail polish and more! Enter here. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Five Favourites: Sitcoms


The Vicar of Dibley (1994-2007) - Although I didn't watch this show when it first aired it has since become one of my favourite boxsets to reach for. All of the episodes are really funny but I loved the final two; The Handsome Stranger & The Vicar In White. I just wish there were more episodes!

Friends (1994-2004) - How could I post about my favourite sitcoms and not include Friends?! My favourite Friends episodes were usually the Thanksgiving ones, The One Where Ross Got High (S6E9) & The One With The Rumor (S8E9) in particular. I have to admit I haven't watched any of my Friends box set over the last couple of years so maybe it will be time to dig it out again soon!

The Big Bang Theory (2007-present) - I've been watching TBBT since it first started but only became a big fan in my final year of University (2010). When I think of my favourite episode there are three that stand out; The Work Song Nanocluster (S2E18) where they make Penny Blossom hair accessories, The Shiny Trinket Maneuvre (S5E12) when Amy gets her TIARAAA, and The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (S2E11) where Sheldon hugs Penny. Even though it is one of my favourites I've been disappointed by season 6 so far, I'm hoping it will be back to being brilliant soon!

Miranda (2009-present) - I was a little late to the party after missing the whole first series of Miranda but as soon as I caught S2E1 I was addicted! My favourite episodes are Holiday (S1E4) and The Perfect Christmas (S2E6). With no new episodes airing in 2011 I'm really looking forward to series 3 which is supposed to be starting (with a promotion to BBC1, no less) sometime around Christmas, not long to wait now!

Outnumbered (2007-present) - Again I was late getting into this one as I didn't start watching until series 2. I think the improvised style is genius and has resulted in a lot of funny moments. Its difficult to choose a favourite episode off the top of my head but pretty much any Karen scene is hilarious. I'm really hoping that they do make another series of Outnumbered even though as the kids get older its not quite the same. I'm also hoping that the planned US version never gets made (it just wouldn't be the same...)!

What are your favourite sitcoms?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 82

Leather Shorts by Yves Salomon £209 (sale) : Farfetch  
Charcoal Cords by Rag & Bone £129 : Stylebop
Matsita Knit £25 & Lala Blouse £30 : Monki 
Nails in Pluto £6 : Topshop
Hat £3.99 : H&M

Monday, 8 October 2012

Second Birthday Giveaway!

giveaway prize

Today I'm holding a giveaway to celebrate two years of blogging here at e-elise etc!
As a thank you for following, reading, commenting I've put together prizes for two winners. I've spent quite a bit of time choosing the items so I really hope you like them!

Each prize includes a tote bag, a string of miniature bunting, a necklace, a card, eyeliner, lipgloss, a nail polish, a knitted phone/iPod case, a mini Batiste dry shampoo, and some bracelets!

The Companies

I Am Hand-Made : Beautiful and unique handmade mixed media cards for all occasions.

Alice's Wonder Emporium : Cute handmade jewellery pieces perfect for everyday wear.

Appliquery : A new concession at Sawyer & Scout selling handmade textile products.

Sawyer & Scout : My own online shop!
prize1 prize1

Prize 1
Tie Dye Tote Bag (hand dyed by me), Batiste Dry Shampoo 50ml in Tropical, Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Afternoon Picnic, ELF Shimmer Pencil in Twinkle Teal, Bright Polka Dot Bunting by Appliquery, Bobbypin Lipgloss, Turquoise Phone Case with Boat Button detailing, Birthday Card by I Am Hand-Made, Beaded Macrame Bracelet by Sawyer & Scout, Skull Beaded Bracelet by Sawyer & Scout, Leaf Necklace by Sawyer & Scout, Bracelet handmade by Andrea

prize2 prize2

Prize 2
Floral Tote Bag by Appliquery, Batiste Dry Shampoo 50ml in Blush, No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Highland Mist, ELF Shimmer Pencil in Plum Passion, Pastel Polka Dot Bunting by Appliquery, Purple Phone Case with Ladybird Button detailing, Bobbypin Lipgloss,  Landscape Card by Appliquery, Beaded Macrame Bracelet by Sawyer & Scout, Wishbone Beaded Bracelet by Sawyer & Scout, "I'm Late" Necklace by Alice's Wonder Emporium, Bracelet handmade by Andrea

To enter you will need to be a follower of my blog via GFC and fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below. There are also opportunities to gain additonal entries all of which are also on the Rafflecopter form. The giveaway ends on October 17th and the two winners will be contacted shortly after this date so please make sure you check your emails.
Good luck!


Sunday, 7 October 2012

October DIY Challenge: Spooky Ghosts

halloween ghosts diy

When Skye challenged me to create some spooky ghosts I thought it was a great idea as they're not necessarily the easiest of things to represent. I first thought about making some ghost bunting using felt until I realised I didn't have any white felt! So after a little thinking and searching I came up with these little guys which were inspired by this picture.

halloween ghosts diy

To create your own spooky ghost decorations you will need: Muslin or Cheesecloth fabric, balloons, PVA glue, water, plastic cups, clear thread, scissors, small beads, newspaper/scrap paper, a few stones, a needle and a pin
Optional items: black paint & a brush, a sharpie or some black fabric scraps

Tip! If you don't have any muslin or other thin fabric to hand and you're a fan of hot cloth cleanser you can always recycle old muslin cloths!
halloween ghost diy

The first step is to decide how many ghosts you want to make and blow up the balloons. Stand them in the top of plastic cups so theyre not touching the surface of the desk. Its a good idea to pop a few stones in the bottom of the cup first as well to make sure they don't fall over once you start to add the fabric pieces.

Tip! First I tried creating ghost shapes using normal round balloons (as shown above) but found that for a smaller sized decoration the longer ones worked best for getting the right ghostly shape. However if you want to make a giant ghost decoration using a lot of fabric I think the round balloons would work well.
halloween ghost diy

The next step is to cut your pieces of fabric and you can use your balloon to get a rough idea of what size to cut. I found that rectangle shapes worked best for the longer balloons. Remember it doesn't need to be neat at all as you want each of your ghosts to look different.

Tip! To get the best final effect I would recommend cutting at least 2 sheets of fabric per ghost.


Once your fabric is cut its ready to be soaked in a mixture of PVA glue and water. Take a plastic cup and measure out approximately equal parts of each and mix them together thoroughly.

halloween ghosts diy

Take one piece of fabric at a time and submerge it into the glue mixture, making sure the whole piece is covered. You can then ring it out a little bit before you start placing it onto the balloons. Remember the glue mixture won't dry straight away so you have some time to play around with it and get your ghost shape looking perfect.

Tip! This part gets very messy so its a good idea to put down some scrap paper now if you haven't already!
halloween ghosts diy

Repeat this process with as many pieces of fabric as you like for each ghost (I used two per ghost) and you should end up with something that looks like the photograph above. You'll then need to leave them to dry, preferably overnight but if you can leave them out somewhere in the sunshine or heat they will dry faster.
halloween ghosts diy

Once you're sure the glue mixture has completely dried you can take a pin and pop the balloon so you're left with a ghostly shaped shell that will look something like this one. Do this for each of your ghosts and they're now ready to hang!
The best thread to use is a clear one as it will be invisible and adds to the spooky effect! Use a needle to attach the thread to the top of the ghost and then tie a knot leaving a loop for hanging.

Tip! Because the fabric has quite large holes in it I tied a small bead to the end of my thread to make sure it would stay in place. This won't be visible once your decoration is finished but it's best to use light coloured ones if you have them.

halloween ghosts diy

You can leave your ghosts like this if you want to, or even make some dementor-esque ones using a black fabric. I think these would be great for a Harry Potter themed party!
halloween ghosts diy

If you want to add on a face like I did just take some paint, a marker or cut some fabric scraps. I used a basic black fabric paint and just roughly created the classic ghost face of two eyes and a mouth. Again, you don't have to be precise at all as each one will be slightly different.
halloween ghosts diy

So thats how I made my spooky ghost decorations, I hope you liked the first tutorial in this mini series. For Skye's challenge I asked her to create her own Halloween themed wreath, to see what she came up with take a look at her post here.

For week two our theme is Halloween Papercrafts so I'm challenging Skye to create her own trick or treat sweet bags inspired by all things spooky. Find out what we've made next Sunday!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 81.


Thanks A Windmillion £11 : OPI via Beauty Bay
Millie Shirt £19, Stevie Highwaist £30 : Monki
Thunder & Lightning Polish £5 : Models Own
Bertina Black Ankle Boot £130 : All Sole
Aztec Blanket Scarf £26 :Warehouse
Crochet Insert Shirt £35 : Topshop

Thursday, 4 October 2012

2012 Reading Challenge: Complete!


The first book of my last roundup is I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells, brother of Robison Wells the author of Variant which I wrote about in my last challenge update. The story got off to an interesting start and I found that I learnt quite a bit about serial killers! The jacket of the book has quotes such as "gory content - strong stomach essential" and "sickly-disturbing" which I think are rather extreme exaggerations as it is not either of those things. Like Variant this book also has a 'big twist' around 100 pages in although this time one that I was less impressed with. I'd previously read many spoiler-free reviews which all mentioned an amazing and unpredictable twist however when I finally read it for myself I was rather disappointed as I didn't find it that surprising. Having said that I did enjoy the book and would like to finish the series sometime.

Book twenty-eight was actually the biggest surprise out of the final four as I really thought I was going to hate it. For the last few months I'd felt like Delirum was following me around, I'd see it in charity shops, in my Goodreads recommendations and in other bloggers/Youtubers book reviews and hauls. Although it didn't sound like a novel I would enjoy I saw that my local library stocked it so I went ahead an reserved it to find out what all the fuss was about. Initially I enjoyed it more than I had expected to and as I progressed I couldn't help but pick out a handful of comparisons it to Uglies although I would probably say this is much better written. I did notice a little contradiction against the premise of the book and the state of the world itself was something I found quite difficult to buy into. Despite that it was still a fairly good read and it had a bit of a cliffhanger ending so I'm currently 11th (sigh...) in the library queue for the second book; 2012 release Pandemonium.

I hadn't heard a lot about The Other Life so I was interested to start reading it but I initially found myself quite disappointed and unfortunately as the book went on it still didn't leave me that impressed. The main issues being that I didn't particularly like any of the characters or the writing style. I found it quite difficult to imagine the surroundings from the descriptions and overall just felt like something was missing. If you've been following my challenge posts then you'll know that like the majority of the books I've read have been dystopian/YA and The Other Life also falls into this category so it was difficult not to make comparisons and for me it didn't quite cut it. Having said that it was far from a complete disaster and thanks to the ending I'm keen to read the sequel sometime. Mainly to find out what this book was leading up to and learn what the 'bigger picture' actually is although I do feel like something more should have happened in this first instalment too.

Originally I had planned for the last book in my challenge to be The Help which I bought a while back but with all my library reservations turning up at once and having a time limit as there were other people in the queue for most of them The Perks Of Being A Wallflower became book thirty. Obviously with the UK film release only yesterday there is currently a lot of hype surrounding it and although I had decided I wanted to see the film I wasn't sure that I would actually enjoy the book. Those of you who haven't read it yet (there must still be a few of you?!) may not know but the format is like a series of letters written by the main character Charlie and for me this was the aspect that I disliked the most. This story told in this format just wasn't for me, I didn't enjoy it at all and even though it only has 231 pages it took me longer to read than the average 400 page book. I found Perks a struggle and dare I say overrated? (Please don't hate me...!)

And that's my 2012 challenge complete!
To follow my future reads add me as a friend on Goodreads :)

As I've already mentioned I'm currently in the early stages of starting a collaborative book blog with the lovely Ria so keep an eye out for that if you've enjoyed this series. We are also still looking for other bloggers to contribute either on a regular basis or just for the odd guest post so if any of you want to get involved then please do get in contact, we would love hear from you!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The October DIY Challenge!


For a while now Skye and I have been talking about working together on some DIY projects. We decided to set each other DIY challenges, and as its now October, what better way to start this venture than to use Halloween as our inspiration.

Each week throughout October we will announce a new challenge on each of our blogs and then post about our creations including the step-by-step DIY at the end of the week so you can make your own versions. 

We're hoping to learn some new crafty skills whilst sharing our Halloween inspiration with you all - and don't forget, if you decide to make any of our DIY's, tweet or email us a pic as we'd love to see them!

For week one we will be making decorations and I am challenging Skye to create a Halloween themed wreath!

Click here to see what Skye has challenged me to make!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Two Today!


Just a couple of weeks after becoming a .com, today e-elise etc turns two years old!
As a thank you to everyone who follows, reads and comments I will be holding a giveaway early next week featuring lots of handmade goodies with a few beauty products thrown in too so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fortnight in Photos #3

Finally read Delirium / Bunnies fighting over grass / Divergent inspired necklaces / Yesterday's DIY / Currently reading The Perks Of Being A Wallflower / Hobbycraft now stocks Mod Podge! / Unwholly arrived but I haven't had a chance to read it yet :( / Another new addition to the shop / Started watching Dexter / Also read The Other Life 
Not much to share from the last two weeks as I've spent most of my time feeling ill with a cold and not doing anything very exciting, although looking at it now its a little bit of a book overload! I'll be posting about Delirium, The Other Life and Perks along with I Am Not A Serial Killer in my final reading challenge post later this week so look out for that if you want to know what I thought of them.

Aside from reading I've also been working on rounding up lots of other bloggers who enjoy their books for a new collaborative book blog project I'm starting with the lovely Ria. If you're interested in getting involved email me
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