Friday, 31 August 2012

August Film Roundup: Batman Trilogy Special!

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Batman Begins was released in 2005 and I'm quite ashamed to say that until this month I hadn't ever sat down and watched it in it's entirety. I personally think its always difficult to discuss or review superhero origins films because they tend to stick to a formula and obviously you go into it knowing whoever is going to turn into whichever superhero. Because of this I did find the beginning of the film pretty slow starting but not as slow as I would usually expect from an origins story. Of course compared to other superhero films this particular Batman story is much more grown up and well-rounded than most. I particularly loved Hans Zimmer's musical score throughout which fits all three of the films perfectly. There is of course the issue of length for all the films in the series and I'm just going to say it, this film is too long. I don't mind a lengthy film if its necessary in telling the story properly but at times I did start to lose concentration. Overall I did really enjoy this film and I think it was well directed, had a particularly strong ending and was a great setup for the trilogy.

The second film in the series The Dark Knight broke box office records on it's release back in 2008 and this time I actually did venture to the cinema to see it. At the time I felt disappointed because there was such a hype surrounding it and I just wasn't blown away. Yes, it was a good film, particularly the first ten minutes, but it wasn't perfect. As it turned out I enjoyed The Dark Knight much more the second (and third) time around although I do stand by my original opinion in that all the highlights of this film are the Joker scenes and Heath Ledger's performance is the reason it turned out so well. My favourite sequence is still the opening bank robbery scene which I still think is brilliant and of course the pencil trick is pretty genius as well. In my opinion The Dark Knight is overall a much more enjoyable and entertaining film than it's prequel but luckily this is a series that just keeps getting better...

One of the most talked about films of 2012 has to be the third in this trilogy; The Dark Knight Rises. After being a little disappointed on my trip to see The Dark Knight four years ago and it being a rare occasion where I was actually living in a spoiler-free bubble beforehand I didn't exactly have high hopes but surprisingly enough I really enjoyed this film. It didn't get off to the best start as the opening sequence was good but in my opinion not a patch on the bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight
As expected just like the previous two films it was beautifully directed by Christopher Nolan who I believe really is brilliant at what he does. Another factor that has been perfectly consistent throughout the series has been the cast. Huge names including Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine (It's always nice to see lots of British names in a cast list) and of course Heath Ledger have all participated in making the series such a success. And I was pleased to find that all but Heath have reprised their roles in the final film. This time round was no exception to the casting track record with new additions Tom Hardy as Bane and Anne Hathaway who portrayed Catwoman surprisingly well.
There were a few scenes I felt were a little too long and could have been cut down, most noteably the flashback sequences. I know these are necessary for providing background information and character histories but I'm just not a big fan of them when it starts to feel like they're taking over the film a little bit. I also found some of the fight sequences slightly dull and repetitive but I think this is often the case in the superhero genre. Also, like with every superhero movie there was the odd plot hole here and there (I'd like to know how Bane eats....) but overall it was an exciting film with a great ending and I've really enjoyed this version of the Batman story. I like that a lot of time was taken over the series and that they didn't rush to try and bring out a movie a year. The fact that much more care and detail has been taken over telling the tale properly has meant that the scripts and casting have been spot on throughout and has allowed the participation of so many famous names. The combination of the cast, scripts, direction and musical score really makes this series a standout in the world of superhero blockbusters.
Are you a fan of the Dark Knight trilogy?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 76


'Lottie' Studded Flatfoms £15 : Tribeca Shoes
'Pipkin' Bunny Print Dress £22 : Monsoon
 Tapestry Print Dress £40 : River Island
3 Rabbit Bangle £6.50 : Miss Selfridge
 Sleeveless Check Shirt £26 : Topshop
Tan Satchel £59 : Dorothy Perkins

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Favourite Things: August

august favourites4

Skull & Glossbones - It will be no surprise to you to hear that I've been loving Skull & Glossbones throughout August. I posted about it when I first got it and have used it in all three of my nail art posts which have followed (Dotting Tools, Herringbone & Crossover), its definitely my new favourite!

The Ultimate Vicar of Dibley Box Set  - I tend to go through phases with box sets and will watch the same one round and round again for a while then move onto something else. This month that box set has been The Vicar of Dibley and every time I watch it I always say the same thing 'I wish there were more episodes'.

LUSH Retread - I've already posted my thoughts on this conditioner from LUSH which has become my new favourite. I'm still pretty amazed at how soft and light it leaves my hair and I'll definitely be repurchasing in the future.

The Dark Knight Rises -At the beginning of the month I went to see The Dark Knight Rises and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. This month's film roundup post is going to be a Batman special so look out for that this week if you're interested in hearing more about TDKR.

Sure Maximum Protection - As you all will know this deoderant is a current blogger favourite and everyone has been raving about it. I recently picked up the sensitive skin version and although its rather expensive at just over £5 it definitely lives up to the hype.

Unwind by Neal Shusterman - My favourite book of this month has to be Unwind, I'll be writing a little more about it in my next Reading Challenge Update post but if you're looking for a good read I'd recommend picking up this book!

What have been your favourite things in August?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Crossover Nail Art

crossover nails

This is another design inspired by my favourite place for nail art; the Prima Creative tumblr page.
Follow the steps and photos below if you'd like to recreate this look!

You'll need: 2 or three coloured polishes, a dotting tool, a thin paintbrush, a topcoat and a basecoat

- Start by painting your nails with a protective base coat. If you want to you can leave the base of your nails bare like in the original design, if not paint one or two coats of your base colour all over the nail. I used OPI Skull & Glossbones.
- Next take your paintbrush and second shade and paint a diagonal line from about a third of the way down one edge of the nail right across the the top corner on the opposite side. For this step I used Models Own Champagne.
- Once you're happy with the line you can fill in the whole section with the same colour and leave to dry.
- To finish off the design you need to add the dots crossing over the solid section. Do this in the same way as before, creating the line of dots from about a third of the way up one side right across to the opposite corner. For the dotted section I used Topshop Lead.
- Then you can go back and fill in the rest of the section with dots making sure they line up and finish with your favourite topcoat to seal.


I hope you like this design and as always let me know if you try it out!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 75


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Haircare Review: LUSH Retread

LUSH retread
lush retread
LUSH Retread Conditioner £9.95
For a while the ends of my hair had been feeling quite dry and no matter which conditioner, oil or treatment I used I didn't see a huge amount of improvement. I actually went into LUSH to try out a shampoo bar and ended up with Seanik and a tub of Retread. So far I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Seanik and am still searching for the perfect shampoo (if you have any recommendations please let me know!) however I've found a new favourite conditioner in Retread.

How To Use: I have been applying quite a small amount each time, only to the bottom two thirds of my hair (I never condition my roots anyway), leaving it on for around 15 minutes and even with a small amount it has been very effective. You can also use it as a treatment by rubbing it into the hair, wrapping it with clingfilm and leaving it for as long as you like, even over night but I haven't tried this method yet.

The Scent: Like all LUSH's products Retread is heavily scented but I personally really like the smell. To me its like Parma Violets mixed in with some other sweets. Yes, it is strong and yes it will linger on your hair for quite a while so as silly as it sounds I'd definitely recommend going into the store and smelling the products before you buy them!

The Results: The first time I used this conditioner I was amazed at how much lighter my hair felt when I was drying it. I have long thick hair so it can get easily weighed down by products, especially thick creamy conditioning treatments. Until I tried Retread I didn't realise just how unnecessarily heavy the products I was using were making my hair. Even though the label says it is a 'heavier weight conditioner' it still seems to leave my hair feeling much lighter. It also makes my hair feel extremely soft, a feeling which lasts well between washes. 

Value For Money: An issue that I've seen in reviews of LUSH conditioners is that some people feel that you don't get enough product for your money, I even read one review saying that a tub only lasted three washes! I'll agree that the tub isn't very big and doesn't look like it would last very long especially if you have long hair like I do. However even with my long hair I don't find that I have to use very much product each time and I've still seen a big change in the condition so in my opinion it is definitely worth the money. I've used about half of the 245g pot so far and I think if I continued to use this every time I washed my hair it would last around 2 months. 

I highly recommend Retread if your hair is feeling dry and in need of a good moisturising treatment. I love that it not only does it's job in leaving my hair super soft and repaired but it also makes it feel so much lighter and therefore easier to manage and style, a double thumbs up from me!

What are your favourite hair products?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Week In Photos 67

Bunnies excited about banana treats / Collecting my library reservations / A beach full of shells / More bracelet making / Blue skies / Watching The Dark Knight / Chicken noodle soup with my new onion-free stock cubes / DIY ear cuff  from yesterday's post / Really loved this book / Test piece for a future DIY / The live webcast / Pretty cords for making bracelets

I also discovered two lovely new reads this week which you should all go and take a little look at. Anjali posted her cute version of my Herringbone nails & Rachael kindly featured Sawyer & Scout! :)

Posts (hopefully!) coming this week: a LUSH product review, The Dark Knight Rises, Crossover Nails, a Weekly Style & another DIY!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday DIY: Simple Wire Ear Cuff

I've seen lots of these basic style ear cuffs around and the good news is they're super quick and easy to make at home! You will need specific jewellery tools to make one which I know some people may not have lying around so I've linked them on eBay where they should be reasonably priced.

Supplies: round nose jewellery pliers, wire cutters, 0.9/1mm jewellery wire, a ruler or tape measure, a pen/pencil (optional)

- The first step is to cut a small piece of wire, around 2.5" should be fine
- Next measure a third of the way in from one end and bend it upwards and round using the round nose pliers
- Do the same thing with the other end of the wire, except this time bend it downwards so you end up with a sort of s shape
- To finish off the design use your pliers again to create a curl at each end of the wire. This makes a pretty design but also more importantly gets rid of the sharp edges
- Once you've finished the basic design you're ready to shape the wire into a cuff. I just used my pliers and bent round each side but if you want to get a more perfect shape you can use the pliers to wrap the wire around a pencil or pencil
- Try the cuff on to see if the sizing is right, keep using the pliers to adjust it until it's the perfect fit and your DIY cuff is complete!

You can also use the photographs below as a step-by-step guide.
If you have any questions about this DIY let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.
diy ear cuff

There are also lots of ways you can customise this design!

- If you have pierced ears you can also embellish the cuff with a chain which can be attached to any normal stud earring! You can attach a piece of chain to a butterfly back using a small jump ring or alternatively to have the chain hang on the front of the earring slide it onto the stud before wearing instead.
- Pick up some jewellery wire in your favourite colour instead of silver or gold. If you're unable to get hold of coloured wire, why not paint the cuff with your favourite nail polish shade?

- Embellish the cuff with a small bead in each of the swirls or even use a longer piece of wire and create a more decorative design with large swirls.

- Make two simple cuffs and connect them together using chain.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Sunday DIY, as always leave me a comment or tweet a photo if you make you're own, I'd love to see them!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Five Favourites: Topshop Nails

topshop five favourite polishes
topshop five favourites nail polish

Tidal (£5) is the newest addition to my Topshop nails collection but I've already decided it's one of my favourites! It's a very pale and subtle blue-grey shade which I really love. I also recently used it as the base colour for my Herringbone Nails tutorial post! If I hadn't bought this my alternative choice for this post would have been Pool Party; a bright turquoise shade that's perfect for summer.
Lead (£6) was originally appeared in the Heavy Duty collection but was recently re-released into the permanent line. I love the duo-chrome effect of this shade which shimmers mainly between purple and green but as you can see from the swatch above it looks quite blue/gunmetal grey in the sunlight. Topshop also now do a few other multi-tonal shades including Amethyst & Eclipse.

Parma Violet (£5) is a bright lilac creme finish polish and was the first shade I purchased from the core collection. When I first got it several years back I wore it all the time and it's a particularly lovely colour for the summer months. Also as a fan of it's namesake sweets I think the name is perfect too. Tosphop have recently brought out a shade named Chase which appears to be like a shimmery version of Parma Violet - one to add to the shopping list!

Gypsy Night (£6) is a pretty black based polish packed with glitter. It contains tiny round pieces of holographic glitter as well as small orange flakies and the mixing of these two is why I think this polish stands out so much. I wore this shade a lot last winter and I'm sure I will again this year as it is one of my all time favourites. To my knowledge Topshop unfortunately don't do any other shades with a glitter/flakie combination and I haven't managed to find any in other stores either so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments!

Valley (£6) is another relatively new addition to my collection but like Tidal it pretty much became an instant favourite. I'm a big fan of green polish shades (and green in general) so being a mint green it was a bit of a must have! Rather than being a creme finish like most pastel shades it actually has very fine silver glitter/shimmer which I think makes a nice change. To see swatches of Valley on the nails take a look at my review post.

I have often named Grunge, which isn't included here, as my favourite Topshop polish but I didn't want to include any limited edition shades which are no longer available!

I hope you like this new post series idea and let me know in the comments if there's any future 'Five Favourites' you'd like to see.

Which are your favourite Topshop shades?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Introducing: August Advertisers #2

Some favourite posts: Abstract Nails, Little Red Flowers, Purple Shirt, Pink Blue and Yellow


Some favourite posts: This Way Alice - Tea Party, Bed Head - Tigi Products Review, Olsen Inspired Hair, Handmade Jewellery For Sale


Some favourite posts: Shut Your Eyes, Essie, Marshmallow Whoopie Pie,  Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Bread

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If you'd like to advertise your own blog or business on etc in September drop me an email or tweet!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Herringbone Nails Tutorial

To recreate this look you'll need 3 coloured polishes, a thin paintbrush and a piece of card/paper (I used a post it note!), nail polish remover, tissue, base coat and topcoat are optional
  • Paint your nails with your base coat followed by your main colour until opaque
  • Put a blob of your second colour polish onto your piece of paper and use your paintbrush to add several vertical stripes on to each nail. I made each one a bit different by painting the stripes in random positions
  • Next you need to start adding the diagonal lines using your paintbrush. Again, I changed which direction the lines were going in on the sections of each nail to make them all a little different
  • Once all the diagonal lines are nicely dried and your paintbrush brush cleaned (just dip in the polish remover and wipe on a tissue) you can go in with your last colour
  • Do the same as before and put a small blob of the third colour onto your paper. Make sure to overlap your lines slightly to give the design more depth
  • Once the third colour is dry you can finish off with your favourite topcoat
Polishes used: Topshop Tidal, Natural Collection Tip Whitener & OPI Skull and Glossbones

 I really hope you like this design, don't forget to send me a photo if you try it out!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Week In Photos 66

Wearing my brightest clothing item / So much for the book buying ban.... / Herringbone Nails (tutorial post coming tomorrow!) / New in at the shop / Yesterday's DIY: Origami bunting / Finally watched Bridesmaids / Current nail combination: Skull & Glossbones with Ibiza Mix / This week's completed reading / A little more DIY

Posts coming this week: Herringbone Nails Tutorial, An introduction to the rest of my August Advertisers, My 5 Favourite Topshop Polishes, another Weekly Style & a currently undecided Sunday DIY! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday DIY: Origami Bunting


This week's DIY is really simple to do but, like any origami, really difficult to write a tutorial for! Hopefully the photographs will help explain the steps but if not feel free to ask any questions in the comments or on twitter.

To create your own garland of origami bunting you'll need:
  •  Pretty papers cut into equal sized squares. I used actual origami paper but alternatively use wrapping paper, magazine pages, newspaper, books etc
  •  A length of something to hang the flags on. Twine, ribbon or string or would all work well
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
1. The first step is to fold your paper into a basic origami square base. If you're unsure how to do that take a look at this video.
2. Next you'll need to fold over the sides so you get something that looks like a kite.
3. Once you've done that you can fold over the top point and you'll be left with the flag/triangle shape. 
4. Place the string under the top fold and take a small piece of sticky tape to secure the flag onto the string. You should still be able to slide the flags on the string so you can adjust the positions later.
5. Reapeat this until you have a whole string of pretty paper flags!

 If you try out this project let me know in the comments or tweet me a photo!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Introducing August Advertisers #1




Diane's blog: Nomad Seeks Home

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Check back next Thursday to find out a bit more about the rest of this month's lovely advertisers

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 73

'Desert Twilight' Nail Polishes £12.26 : Bobbi Brown via Nordstrom
'Winter Diamond' Dress £61 : French Connection via ASOS
Satchel £415.49 : Tory Burch via ShopBop 
High Top Shoes £30 : River Island
Textured Jumper £36 : Topshop

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nail Art Dotting Tool Set

Nail art dotting tool set £1.32 eBay 

I'd been looking at these cheap sets of nail art dotting tools on eBay for absolutely ages and last month  I finally got round to ordering a set. I chose to use an overseas seller but there are now also quite a few UK sellers who stock these sets usually at around £1 additional cost.
  When they arrived of course I had to try them out straight away and one particular style that had caught my eye a while back was the mermaid design where the nail is covered in overlayed multicoloured dots. This style is practically impossible without a dotting tool (!) so I knew I wanted to try that out first but as you can see from the photograph above I got a little carried away!
Although they are mostly round tools there is one tip in the set that is more of a pointed shape which if you don't have any brushes or nail art pens can be used to draw lines (albeit slightly messy ones!).
 The thing that disappointed me most about the set is the variety of the dotters as I personally would have liked them to range in size a little more. I also would have liked to have seen more versatile tools like the pointed one but overall I would recommend these sets. 
If like me you enjoy trying out different nail art designs then it's a bargain at a small £1/2. I really don't know why I didn't invest sooner, they definitely would have made things like my Pokeball nails a whole lot easier!

Polishes used: Collection 2000 BMX Bandit, Models Own Sterling Silver, Barry M Grey, Topshop Pool Party & Future (Limited Edition), Nails Inc Bluebell (Limited Edition), OPI Skull & Glossbones 

If you would like to see a tutorial post on any of the designs shown above let me know in the comments! 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Week In Photos 65.

Sawyer & Scout Geometric Necklace / Bunnies love banana / New plants / Read: Player One by Douglas Coupland / Working on a blog post / Bracelets from yesterday's DIY post / Cinema trip!
Posts coming this week:  
An introduction to some of my August advertisers, nail art dotting tools review, DIY Origami bunting & another Weekly Style Inspiration

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday DIY: Woven Friendship Bracelets

DIY Woven bracelets
DIY bracelets

This week's DIY is inspired by this great tutorial on Michael Ann Made. I adapted it slightly by adding on clasp fastenings to make the bracelets adjustable in size and longer lasting. The colour combinations are endless, they look cute stacked together and the best part is they're super simple and fun to make! If you want to make your own bracelets just follow these steps as shown in the photographs below.

DIY bracelet
Supplies: 7 coloured threads, scissors, cardboard, a pen/pencil, a coil crimp clasp, jewellery pliers, a ruler, sticky tape and something circular to draw around
DIY bracelet7
- To make the cardboard circle you'll need to draw around something to get the basic shape (I used a roll of waxed cord but anything will do!) and use a ruler to draw lines dividing it into eight sections.
- Cut out the circle and cut a little way along each line, but don't cut all the way to the centre. Use your pen/pencil to poke a hole through the middle of the circle and you're ready to begin!

- First you'll need to cut 7 equal length strands of thread in whichever colours you like. I cut lengths of approx 10" but you'll need to make them longer if you want to tie it onto your wrist rather than use a clasp (as shown in the blog post linked above).

- Knot the strands together and push the knot through the hole in the centre of your card circle. Tape the knot down on the back and turn it over so the strands are facing you.

- Tuck each strand into one of the slits you made earlier, as there are 8 you'll have one empty slit leftover.

- Turn the circle so that the empty space is facing towards you and count 3 strands clockwise from there. Take the third strand from it's section (shown above in pink) and place it into the empty slit instead.

- Rotate the circle so the empty slit is facing towards you again, then count round clockwise 3 strands, the same as you did before, and repeat (this time shown in blue).

- Continue doing this and your bracelet will begin to form. Once it has grown a little you will be able to remove the tape and continue weaving. Make sure that you pull the bracelet through every so often to make sure the weave stays tight after removing the tape.

- Once you have woven it to your desired length remove all the strands from the cardboard and tie a knot to secure it.

- Next you'll need to attach the clasp. To do this slide the coil onto the bracelet and sit it over the top of the knot you made earlier.
- Use jewellery pliers to secure it onto the knot and the cut off the excess thread. I also used a little glue just to make sure it stays in place. Repeat for the other half of the clasp and your bracelet is finished and ready to wear! 

I'm attempting to post DIYs on a more regular basis so if you have any ideas or projects you'd like to see featured in this series please let me know in the comments.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

2012 Reading Challenge: Seventeen Books Down!

reading challenge
Books purchsed from, The Works & Oxfam

The first book in this roundup is Drive by James Sallis which was adapted into the 2011 film of the same name. As a huge fan of the film I enjoyed seeing how the story had been reworked, which parts were included or missed out completely and how the characters were altered. If you've seen the film too you'll know that the plot was full and flowing whereas in the book it was a little harder to follow the events. This is mainly down to the fact that it isn't written in chronological order which seems to be a big complaint amongst readers. Whilst I can definitely understand why people wouldn't like the style, I didn't personally have a big problem with it and still found it an interesting read. My favourite part was definitely the ending, it fitted the story perfectly and I'd actually quite like to read the sequel, Driven, at some point too.

Book thirteen was The Maze Runner by James Dashner, the first in a series I'd been keen to read for a while. The boys who live in the Glade, or the 'Gladers' as they call themselves, have their own language which I found difficult to get used to and to be honest still do three books later. Once I put that annoyance aside as much as possible I really started to enjoy the book, particularly the last third as the concept just became more and more intriguing. Overall I really liked the ideas in the book and quickly became pretty addicted to reading it. I also read Thomas' First Memory of the Flare a three page long piece which sits between this and the second book but I didn't enjoy it as much.  If you are interested you can read it for free on Goodreads.

At this point I increased my challenge to 30 books instead of the original 20 because I've been getting through them pretty quickly!

Never Let Me Go became book fourteen as after I reviewed the film here I really wanted to read the original text and see where the ideas came from. I've heard from a lot of people that they really disliked the film, but I really quite liked it. As I said at the time what I enjoyed most about it was the concept of the story and the casting. After reading the book I would love to watch the film again as I imagine this time I'd see it from quite a different perspective.  Like the previous two books I read I enjoyed the later part of the book best. Part three was probably my favourite section, I thought it had a great ending and the story felt very complete.

Next I went back to the Maze Runner series and picked up the second book; The Scorch Trials. I really enjoyed this one and right from the start I just could not put this book down. I ended up reading a quarter of it on the first evening, picking it up again the next morning and finishing it that same day because it really was that addictive. What I loved most was the new setting and introduction of new characters to learn about (even though I actually wasn't keen on all of them). I have seen a lot of negative reviews from disappointed readers who loved the structure of the first book and were expecting something similar with the second but personally I found it well-paced, exciting and as I said before, very addictive.

I then moved straight onto the last book in the series; The Death Cure  because I couldn't wait to see how it was all going to end. If I'm being completely honest I struggled with this one, I didn't dislike it but I found it disappointing after being so enthusiastic about the previous book. Right from the beginning I found it trickier to get into the story and it didn't exactly go in the direction I was expecting. I found the first two thirds quite repetitive and whilst there was a lot going on it somehow still managed to feel like it was dragging a little. Similarly to The Maze Runner the last third was pretty action-packed and much more interesting however it did feel slightly rushed. When I reached the end I felt disappointed that I didn't get to learn as much about Thomas and Teresa's lives before the Maze as I'd hoped. I don't want to compare it to The Hunger Games too much as it already seems to get that a lot (it even says it on the front cover!) but I can definitely liken the way I felt when reading this book to when I read Mockingjay for the first time. Despite all that I'm still eager to read The Kill Order (Maze Runner prequel) when it's released next month.

After hearing so many good reviews and recommendations I was very surprised when I found my seventeenth book The Time Traveler's Wife quite difficult to get into and generally not very enjoyable. I did persevere in the hope it would get better and I would start to enjoy it but I'm sad to say it just didn't happen. It ended up taking me ten days to finish it which has put me a little behind in my challenge. I have no real explanation for why I didn't like it but I should say that I did really enjoy the film. Am I the only one who didn't love this book?!

 I'm considering continuing to write these book posts after the challenge has finished, possibly as a monthly thing similar to my film roundups. Let me know if you'd be interested in that and leave me your book recommendations in the comments too.

You can find books 7-11 here.


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 72

Leggings £14.99, Blouse £14.99, Cardigan £24.99 : H&M
Bunny Ring $25/£16 : Figs and Ginger
Nail Polish in Tidal £5 : Topshop
Chelsea Boots £30 : River Island
Lots more cold weather appropriate items this week including a very cosy looking cardigan and pair of leggings from H&M's A/W range.

I also couldn't resist including the tiny bunny ring from Figs & Ginger which matches the earrings I featured here, so cute!
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