Saturday, 28 April 2012

Models Own Ibiza Mix

Ibiza Mix

Ibiza Mix

Models Own Ibiza Mix (Hed Kandi Collection) layered over Topshop Lead (Heavy Duty Collection)

Like most Models Own polishes Ibiza Mix applies and lasts well on the nails, so well in fact these lasted over a week! I love the unusual colour combination of orange, turquoise, lilac, blue and gold glitter and have found Ibiza Mix surprisingly wearable for everyday. The one thing I hate about this product is the Hed Kandi branding all over the lid (just me?!) so that has been swiftly removed but other than that another great Models Own polish to add to my collection.

Are you fans of the Hed Kandi Collaboration?

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 59.


Bag £45, Lipstick in Whimsical £8 : Topshop
Feather Earrings £5 : River Island
Mint Blouse £95 : Reiss
Ring £125 : Net-A-Porter
Easy Jean £64 : American Apparel
Necklace £18.50 : Ginger Pickle 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Character Style Inspiration: Zoe Hart Part 4

Look One is my favourite this time, it's so perfect for the time of year! The skirt was the difficult part, I looked everywhere and couldn't find one in a blue so I decided to go for this Topshop one which replicated the shape. Of course if you had a plain skirt it would be very easy to do some tie dye DIY and create your own! A lot of the blouses Rachel wears on the show are by Equipment so I've included their white blouse but obviously a much cheaper version would work just as well. As usual Zoe's shoe choice is a little impractical to be everyday wear for most people but the outfit would look equally as good with flats for a more casual Summer look.

What I loved about Look Two is how wearable it is. The bright jeans and sheer blouse, whilst still comfortable, are completely on trend for Summer making the look very easy to replicate. The wedges ensure the outfit is true to Zoe's signature style but are still much more casual than her usual heels. I would probably opt for a cropped leather jacket instead of the trench but I do like the contrasting sleeve detail.


Look Three is a typical Zoe Hart workwear outfit with tailored shorts, heels and a fitted jacket. The Aztec print is again on trend for Summer and breaks up the monochrome outfit nicely. The shoes proved impossible to source a cheaper dupe for but again they could be replicated with a little DIY. I really love the texture of the jacket from ASOS, it would be a great alternative to a leather one!

You can find my previous Zoe Hart style posts here: 1, 2, 3
Images of Rachel Bilson via The CW

Which Zoe look is your favourite this time?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ombre Nails

ombre nails diy

Today's nails feature a design I've been wanting to try out for a long time, ombre! To create this look I used 17 Sweet Kisses, Topshop Parma Violet & Rimmel Aqua Cool much more appropriate for Summertime than the ridiculous amounts of rain puring down outside today.

Although this design is really easy to create (all you need are your polishes, water & a makeup sponge) the clean up afterwards took forever. As you can see in the middle photograph you end up with quite a mess which isn't the easiest to clean up so you have to be patient with that. I decided for once I'd show you my finished left hand instead of the right as this time around to my surprise it actually looked nicer!
I'm not going to do my usual step-by-step guide because to be honest you'd be better off following the detailed one over on The Beauty Department, which is the same one I used (loosely). Even though they took up a large amount of my afternoon I really like this look and am excited to try it out with some different colours.

What do you think of Ombre Nails?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pastel Bunting Nail Tutorial / DIY Nail Stickers

Pastel Bunting Nail Art
Pastel Bunting Nail Art Tutorial
Polishes used: Collection 2000 Button Moon, 17 Sweet Kisses, 17 Sherbet Lemon, Topshop Pool Party

I'd been meaning to post a bunting nail tutorial for a while now and even prepared one months ago but I wasn't happy with how it looked. When I saw this tutorial for DIY nail art stickers on one of my favourite sites The Beauty Department I knew it would be perfect for creating bunting nails. My nail art posts are my most popular on the blog and I often have people say that they like nail art designs but find them too tricky, hopefully seeing these DIY stickers will show how easy it is for everyone to create some cute nail art this Spring!

To create this look you will need: a light blue polish, several other coloured polishes, a nail art pen or fine brush, matte sticky tape/scotch tape, tweezers, scissors, a basecoat & a topcoat

- First paint small strips of each of your chosen flag colours onto the tape and leave to dry
- Whilst you are waiting for the tape prepare your nails with a clear basecoat and two coats of a light blue polish
- Once your nails are dry cut a selection of small triangles from the tape
- Pick up the triangles and use the tweezers to place them onto the nails in whatever pattern you like
- Once you're happy with your design gently press the triangles down to make sure they are secure 
- Use a nail art pen or a think brush to draw in the string to join up the flags
- Finish with a clear topcoat to seal the tape and polish and you'll have cute Spring/Summer appropriate bunting nails!

I hope you like this tutorial and as always if you try it out let me know, I'd love to see!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Week In Photos 48.

Low FODMAP friendly dinner / Reading up on gluten free / Still pining after the Hufflepuff cardigan / Malteasers are Low FODMAP friendly too, yay! / Nails for my trip to the WB Studio Tour complete with Deathly Hallows statement nail / Outfit from Saturday / Picked up ten Real Techniques brushes for £34 using 3 for 2 and a £10 giftcard & six of them have already made it into my daily routine / New additions to the DVD cupboard

Thursday, 5 April 2012

WB Studio Tour London

WB Studio Tour

As promised a small selection of photos from yesterday's trip to the WB Studio Tour! As a fan of the Harry Potter series and as someone who has an interest in behind the scenes work on films this place was the perfect day out for me. I walked through the Great Hall and along Diagon Alley, tried on robes, drank Butterbeer, spent far too long in the gift shop, fell in love with a £70 Hufflepuff cardigan and Kate Beckinsale walked right past me as I gave her a confused look. My favourite part of the tour was the last room with all the wand boxes which are individually named after each member of the series cast and crew. Overall I had a great day and I'll definitely be going back soon for some more Butterbeer!

Will you be visiting the Harry Potter sets?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 57.

Weekly Style

Bag £30.99 : Missguided
Floral Blouse £30 : River Island
Nail Polishes in Razzmatazz £6 & AWOL £5 : Topshop
Cropped Sweatshirt £12.99 : New Look (Teens)
Ceramic 'Geometry Is Fun' Necklace $35 (approx. £22) : Depeapa
Nude Shade Wardrobe Palette £18.50 : Pixi
Shoes £39.99 : Zara (TRF)

My favourite item this week is the studded pumps from Zara, however my big problem with them is the price, they're £39.99 and disappointingly aren't even leather. If I could just find a pair of plain black pumps that fitted (a very difficult task with my narrow feet!) then I would DIY myself a pair of these ASAP! I saw the floral blouse in River Island yesterday and thought it was the perfect pretty top for Summer and a great way to channel the pastel trend without going all out with a statement piece like the mint coloured bag from Missguided. The necklace from Depeapa on Etsy is so cute I just had to include it, to be honest the whole 'Geometry Is Fun' collection is beautiful, I'd definitely recommending having a browse!
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