Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday DIY: Felt Snowflake Decorations

felt decoration7.JPG_effected

This week's Christmas DIY is a cute snowflake decoration made from felt. These are perfect for hanging on the tree or anywhere around the house a Christmas time, they would also make lovely handmade gifts or stocking fillers. You don't need a lot of items to make your own so it's inexpensive and also very easy to make!

You will need white felt, red embroidery thread & a needle, scissors, thin card, ribbon for hanging, wadding or cotton wool, (optional) a glue gun
felt decoration8.JPG_effected

The first step is to make a card template for your snowflake. You can either print out a basic star shape and trace it or draw one yourself, it really doesn't matter as long as your two pieces of felt are exactly the same size and shape.
Use your template to cut out your felt shapes - I used this pretty glittery white felt (which doesn't show up too well on camera) but any felt will be fine.
felt decoration1.JPG_effected

The next step is to stitch your design onto one of the felt shapes using embroidery thread. I chose to do a very simple design using just a backstitch but obviously it's up to you how intricate you make your design.

If you want to you can sew your decoration together but I decided on the quicker option - using a glue gun.
First apply glue just to the edges of one of the star's points and stick the plain white shape onto that. I found it was best to add the stuffing to each point as you go along so once the glue has set pop some wadding or cotton wool into the point before moving onto the next one.

Repeat this for three more of the points so you are left with just two that aren't stuck together, then for the final two just glue along one side of each point (as shown in the photograph below).
felt decoration6.JPG_effected

Finish adding the stuffing and when you are happy with it you will need to prepare the hanging ribbon. Fold your length of ribbon in half and use a blob of glue to secure it in place. Once that is dry add another two blobs of glue, this time to the outside of the ribbon to make sure it sticks to the felt. Place it inside the decoration, as shown above, and use your glue to close up the two remaining edges, to secure the ribbon in place and finish off your decoration.

Will you be making your own decorations this year?

Don't forget to check back next week for another Christmas decoration DIY.
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