Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday DIY: Christmas Pegs

snowman peg

This week's Christmas themed DIY is another really simple idea (inspired by a Pinterest post) that is also quick and easy to make. These Christmas pegs can be used to decorate gifts (as shown above), to hold name tags or you can even pop them on your Christmas tree!


To make your own you will need - glitter, wooden pegs, small decorations or plastic cake toppers, a glue gun, PVA/Mod Podge, tin foil & a stick or glue spreader


Place your peg onto a piece of tin foil and spread PVA/Mod Podge all over one side - the tin foil is there so you don't make a mess or waste lots of glitter! Then pour glitter over the surface of the peg and tap off the excess onto the foil.
Once you've covered all of the pegs you'll need to leave them to dry. I left mine overnight just to make sure - if you try to use a glue gun on top when it isn't completely dry you will just end up removing a big chunk of your glitter and will have to start all over again!


When the glitter/glue is dry you are ready to attach your ornaments/cake toppers using a glue gun. These should be dry and ready to use pretty much instantly!

Don't forget to check back next Sunday for another Christmas themed DIY project.
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