Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday DIY: Baubles

This week's DIY, and the penultimate in the Christmas series, is baubles!
Clear baubles filled with all sorts of things from sequins to feathers and branches have been really popular in the shops this year so I decided to come up with a couple of designs of my own.

Sticking with the traditional Christmas colours this first design is filled with tinsel holly shapes.
I cut up a table decoration from Poundland for my baubles but you can use any pieces of tinsel.
You could also add some glitter for a little extra sparkle or even some fake snow!


Perhaps less festive but still very pretty is the second design where the baubles contain strips of text.
You can use old books, newspapers, or even just photocopied pages to create your own version.
I think these could also work well with sheet music or scraps of Christmas wrapping paper!

I purchased the baubles for this DIY from a local garden centre priced at £3.99 for 12

Don't forget to email or tweet me a photograph if you make your own version, I'd love to see.
Check back next Sunday for the final DIY in the Christmas series.
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