Saturday, 15 December 2012

Melting Snowman Cupcakes

snowman cupcakes8.JPG_effected

snowman cupcakes4.JPG_effected

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These little melting snowman cupcakes are perfect for the Christmas season, here's how I made them...

The Base - I baked the cakes using my usual basic cupcake recipe and covered them with buttercream icing (salted butter, icing sugar & vanilla extract). Since the buttercream icing was yellow I then mixed up some regular icing to quite a thick consistency and applied this over the top.

The Body - The snowman is made up of half a marshmallow for the body and a whole one for the head (stuck together with icing). For the arms I used broken Mikado sticks pushed into the cake.

The Hat - For the snowman's hat I used icing to stick a chocolate button on top of the marshmallow then added a brown smartie on top of that. It would have been best to mix a little cocoa powder into the icing for this part so it toned in with the brown but I completely forgot!

The Face - I used a cocktail stick and some black food colouring to dot on the eyes (and buttons!). I then cut small triangles of crystalised ginger for the noses and stuck them on with icing. I coloured these with orange food colouring and a cocktail stick to make them stand out more.

The Finishing Touch - To finish I used a knife to crush up a few silver ball decorations and sprinkled them onto the bases for a little festive sparkle!

Have you made any Christmas themed treats? 
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