Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday DIY: Doily Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher diy

This week's DIY is a doily dreamcatcher which I have been working on for a while. I'd seen images of this style made with doily centres and knew that I wanted to make my own to hang on the wall in my new workspace. The best thing about these is that once you have made the basic dreamcatcher you can always keep adding to it if you find any new beads, feathers, ribbons or charms.


You will need a hoop to use as the base of your dreamcatcher, I purchased this metal one on eBay after not being able to find anything similar in the shops. I chose to use two different coloured wools to cover my hoop and tied square knots to create the textured design. Once you have covered the whole hoop you are ready to add the doily to the centre.


I didn't make my doily as I can't actually crochet so my mum made this one for me to use (thanks mum!). You can buy a doily online here and here or if you want to make your own but don't know how you can find some great tutorials on YouTube or on craft blogs.
To add it to the dreamcatcher I attached thin threads to each of the points and then one by one tied these onto the hoop. As you can see this stretches out the doily and makes it look much more like a web. The most difficult part is trying to get it central but I don't think with this particular style it needs to be perfect, mine definitely isn't!


The final step is to decorate your dreamcatcher by adding strings, beads and feathers or whatever else you want to embellish it with. I used a mixture of wools, ribbon, lace, twine, beads, and feathers but like I said earlier you can always add on new bits as you find them.
 To attach the strings I just knotted them onto the hoop so they are easy to move around and are also easy to remove if you decided you don't like them or want to change your colour scheme. You can also add beads to the doily centre, something which I may do with mine in the future.

I know its probably a little too early to be talking Christmas for some of you but next Sunday I will be posting the first in my series of festive DIYs. The series will cover various Christmas decorations and ideas and the first instalment is all about DIY giftwrapping using homemade stamps. I hope you will all be back next Sunday for the next DIY!
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