Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday DIY: Christmas Giftwrap With Homemade Stamps

hand stamped gift wrap

Today's DIY is the first of my Christmas themed series which will be running every Sunday from now until December 23rd. For the first project in this series I've chosen a really simple idea which is super cheap and only takes minutes to make - DIY stamps. 
These are great all year round, especially the pencil ones, but are also perfect for creating your own wrapping paper and gift tags for your Christmas presents. 
Read to on to find out how to make your own!

All you will need is an eraser, a pen & a craft knife.
There are really only two steps to this DIY and the first is to draw out your design onto the eraser.
I would recommend starting with something simple just to get used to cutting the erasers, then once you've mastered it you can try out more intricate designs!
diy stamps1
 diy stamps2 

The second step is to use a craft knife to cut out the areas of your design that you do not want the ink to pick up. You should then be ready to stamp away!
Use an ink pad or even just a pen to colour onto it (for this example I used a black gel pen) and get stamping! For the wrapping paper I chose to use basic brown paper which is cheap and really easy to get hold of.

I also made my own tags using some plain coloured card and patterned scissors. For this tag I used my holly leaf stamp and then an uncut pencil eraser (plain circle) for the berries.

I added a silver ribbon to the holly tag and then for my tree design I used a star sequin to finish it off and make it a little more festive, but you can be as creative as you like.
So those are my gift wrapping ideas for this Christmas, don't forget to email or tweet me a photo if you try out this DIY!

Will you be making your own wrapping paper and tags this Christmas?
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