Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas Nails #1 - Trees!


I know it isn't December yet but with Christmas gift guides and tags popping up all over blogs and YouTube videos I decided that its time for some Christmas nail art! I had this particular Christmas nail art idea over a month ago and I've been eagarly waiting for it to be an acceptable time to show it to you. Back in April I used a similar technique (as seen on The Beauty Department) to create bunting nails and when I was trying to think of some different designs for Christmas it occured to me that the matte sellotape could come in handy once again!

christmas tree nails tutorial
To create this design you will need - a light base colour polish, a shimmery green polish, a glitter polish and/or flakie polish, a brown polish, a topcoat, matte sticky tape, a cocktail stick or dotting tool, scissors and mini star sequins
  • First take a strip of your tape, paint it with your green shade and leave it to dry
  • Whilst you are waiting paint your nails with a clear basecoat followed by an opaque coat of your lightest colour
  • When both are dry take your scissors and cut a triangle shape from the painted sticky tape and place it in the centre of the nail
  • Next you need to decorate your tree using the glitter and/or flakies. You can easily pick up individual pieces from the polish using a dotting tool or cocktail stick and place them onto the green area
  • Once you're happy with the decoration of the tree you can take your brown polish and give the tree a trunk
  • Then take your star sequin and add a blob of clear polish to secure it onto the top of the tree
  • Finish with a thick layer of clear topcoat to seal it all onto the nail

What do you think of my Christmas tree nails?
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