Sunday, 14 October 2012

October DIY Challenge: Trick or Treat Boxes!

DIY coffin trick or treat box

I found this coffin box design on Martha Stewart's website and thought it would be perfect for this week's DIY tutorial. As you can see I may have gotten a little carried away with my 'photoshoot' today, I think I've been watching too much Dexter!


Obviously you can follow the instructions and video on her website but here is a basic outline of what to do and how I chose to decorate my boxes.
First you'll need to glue your sheets of paper to your sheets of card, attach the template and cut out the bottom of the box. Do the same with the lid, fold it up and stick in place. That's all there really is to it and then you can have some fun with decorating!

Click here to see the original tutorial on the website which also includes the free downloadable templates.

DIY coffin trick or treat box

The Pumpkins - These little pumpkin sequins came in a pack of mixed Halloween designs from Poundland and I just used PVA glue to stick them onto the box. I also popped a few inside the box as festive confetti along with the sweets. The black and brown twine was actually a Christmas product from IKEA a few years back but any twine or string would work fine.

DIY coffin trick or treat box

The Mummy - I picked up a pack of creepy craft eyes from The Early Learning Centre for £1 which included stick on ones like these as well as the classic googly style ones. To create the bandages I used a white electrical tape that was lying around in my craft supplies, but again you can pick this up from Poundland. All I did was cut it into thin strips and stick it on randomly to create a wrapped effect.

DIY coffin trick or treat box

The Blood Stains - To create the 'blood' I mixed red and black acrylic paints, water and PVA glue. I dripped some of the mixture onto the box and then used a straw to spread it out to get more of a splatter effect. As I mentioned earlier, after creating this last box I went a bit crazy with the leftover mixture!


These are a couple of other boxes I made when I was testing out various ideas for this week's challenge. They are just simple origami boxes which luckily I already knew how to make. If you're unsure how to make them I've found this website which has a great a picture tutorial. They only take a couple of minutes to fold up and you can decorate them however you want to.

So those are my Halloween Trick or Treat box designs, let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!

To see how Skye made her Trick or Treat Bags click here.
Next week our challenge is based around baking, so Skye & I have decided to challenge each other to create spooky halloween cupcakes! Stop by this time next Sunday to find out what we come up with.
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