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October DIY Challenge: Halloween Nail Art

halloween nail art9

Instead of creating a tutorial for just one Halloween nail art design Skye & I decided to each fill up a nail wheel with some inspiration for you guys. All of the designs on my wheel were created using dotting tools and paintbrushes but if you don't have either of those then you can still recreate some of the designs using things you might have lying around like cocktail sticks, pins or even pencils! 
halloween nails

The super glittery nail is one of my favourites and would be a great option if you're not into painting intricate designs onto your nails. To get this effect I layered three different glitter polishes over a black-based shade which also contained micro glitter.
The bloody fingerprint is another really simple idea, just use a red acrylic paint and stamp onto a light coloured base. Don't forget to seal the acrylic paint with a topcoat though!
A spider's web is a classic design for Halloween & Skye created a beautiful version (complete with gif!) last year. I also did something similar for my Spider-Man nails.
Candy corn is something that we don't have over here in the UK but it was the inspiration for this super bright and fun striped design.
The bloodshot eyeball has also been very popular all year round thanks to Wah Nails but it is particularly perfect for Halloween.
Frankenstein's monster is another one of my personal favourites and is also very easy to do. I had to mix up a green for the base so I added in a little shimmer too.
halloween nails

A sparkly ghost is a cute twist on a plain ghost design, just add a layer of glitter topcoat! I also added a layer of glow in the dark polish (which you can pick up from the supermarkets right now) but unfortunately it was too tricky to photograph!
The Mummy didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped it would but it is a good one to attempt if you feel like opting for something a bit more ambitious.
The black cat design works all year round not just for Halloween!
I thought about creating a pirate-esque skull and crossbones but instead opted for a simple bones design and a separate sugar skull inspired design which I think is a great twist on your average skull nail art.
The spooky eyes were inspired by the popular Giles Deacon manicure but with a black background to make it more Halloween appropriate.
halloween nails

The blood splatter design is one you may have seen here before in my Tim Burton inspired nail art post. Its really easy to do and the best part is it doesn't matter if you're a messy painter!
I really wanted to create some awesome haunted house nails but these didn't quite turn out as planned. I still really like the deep purple background though as it makes a nice change from the typical blacks, whites, greens, reds and oranges.
The stitched up nails are one of the most simple, just grab a thin paintbrush and get creative! they're perfect if you're dressing up as a doll this Halloween.
I decided to give the classic ghost another glittery twist this time by adding a pretty flakie topcoat to the black background.
The swirl was inspired by Tim Burton's artwork and although took a little longer than some of the other designs is another of my favourites.
And of course, last but not least it wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin!
halloween nails

As you can see I made quite the mess creating these designs, mainly because I had to mix up quite a few of the colours, but I had a lot of fun filling up the wheel with Halloween inspiration!

Will you be attempting any nail art for Halloween?

 Click here to see Skye's designs!

This is the fourth and final part of our October DIY Challenge and I really hope you've enjoyed both mine and Skye's Halloween DIY ideas as much as I've enjoyed working on the challenges.
I'd also just like to say thank you again to Skye for teaming up with me on this little project which has helped inspire me to come up with some DIYs I never would have thought of before.
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