Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gradient Manicure.


I realised that I haven't posted much in the way of nail art recently so even though I have lots of nail designs coming up on Sunday as part of my October DIY Challenge with Skye I thought I would pop this one up today. My Ombre Nail posts have both been very popular and this gradient design is another variant of that look. I hope you like it!

To recreate this look you will need a light base colour, a paintbrush, a clear polish, a face/baby wipe, tin foil or cardboard and a coloured polish of your choice

- Paint your nails with your light base coat. To make sure the colour on top will show up well a white polish works best
- Pour out some clear polish onto your foil/cardboard, add a small drop of your coloured polish, mix together and paint onto the nail leaving a small section at the bottom of the nail white
- Do the same again only this time add slightly more of your coloured polish to the mix to create a darker shade. Use your face/baby wipe in between colours to wipe off your paintbrush if you need to
- Depending on how many layers you want your gradient to have repeat this process adding more colour each time
- For the final section at the tip of the nail you can use the coloured polish straight from the bottle rather than mixing it with the clear polish
- Add your favourite topcoat to seal the design and your gradient nails are complete!

I've actually just found out that this manicure has also been done by the girls over at The Beauty Department (its even the same colour!) so be sure to take a look at their post too!
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