Thursday, 11 October 2012

Five Favourites: Sitcoms


The Vicar of Dibley (1994-2007) - Although I didn't watch this show when it first aired it has since become one of my favourite boxsets to reach for. All of the episodes are really funny but I loved the final two; The Handsome Stranger & The Vicar In White. I just wish there were more episodes!

Friends (1994-2004) - How could I post about my favourite sitcoms and not include Friends?! My favourite Friends episodes were usually the Thanksgiving ones, The One Where Ross Got High (S6E9) & The One With The Rumor (S8E9) in particular. I have to admit I haven't watched any of my Friends box set over the last couple of years so maybe it will be time to dig it out again soon!

The Big Bang Theory (2007-present) - I've been watching TBBT since it first started but only became a big fan in my final year of University (2010). When I think of my favourite episode there are three that stand out; The Work Song Nanocluster (S2E18) where they make Penny Blossom hair accessories, The Shiny Trinket Maneuvre (S5E12) when Amy gets her TIARAAA, and The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (S2E11) where Sheldon hugs Penny. Even though it is one of my favourites I've been disappointed by season 6 so far, I'm hoping it will be back to being brilliant soon!

Miranda (2009-present) - I was a little late to the party after missing the whole first series of Miranda but as soon as I caught S2E1 I was addicted! My favourite episodes are Holiday (S1E4) and The Perfect Christmas (S2E6). With no new episodes airing in 2011 I'm really looking forward to series 3 which is supposed to be starting (with a promotion to BBC1, no less) sometime around Christmas, not long to wait now!

Outnumbered (2007-present) - Again I was late getting into this one as I didn't start watching until series 2. I think the improvised style is genius and has resulted in a lot of funny moments. Its difficult to choose a favourite episode off the top of my head but pretty much any Karen scene is hilarious. I'm really hoping that they do make another series of Outnumbered even though as the kids get older its not quite the same. I'm also hoping that the planned US version never gets made (it just wouldn't be the same...)!

What are your favourite sitcoms?
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