Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday DIY: Wrapped Pencil Jar


I've recently been thinking a lot about DIYs for my new garage workspace which is now almost finished and I decided this empty peanut butter jar would make a cute pencil pot to tidy things away once I get a desk. There are so many different ways to customise glass jars using fabrics, spray paints or pretty papers but I decided to use up some things I had lying around and came up with this design. To make your own wrapped pencil jar follow the steps or photographs below!

You will need: a glass jar, twine or string, a glue gun, buttons, lace or ribbon, scissors

- First put a small blob of glue near the bottom of the jar to secure the end of the twine. Once this is fixed in place continue using the glue around the bottom edge of the jar until you get back to the beginning of your piece of twine

- After this you should be able to just wrap the twine around the jar without using glue all of the time although you may occasionally need to glue the twine in place every few rows to make sure it stays in place

- Once you've wrapped right to the top of the jar finish off with another blob of glue

- As the jar I used had an indent at this point I decided to use a piece of lace to cover the top part. If you want to do this just measure around the top of the jar, cut the lace to size and glue in place

- To cover where the twine and lace meet I added buttons all around the top, again if you want to do this just use the glue gun to keep them in place and your new pencil jar is finished and ready to use!

DIY pencil jar

As always if you try this out let me know, I'd love to see!
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