Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday DIY: Two Ways To Decorate Your Notebooks

I realise I'm a little late for most people with this back to school style DIY but if you are looking for a really easy way to jazz up your notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries then keep reading!

#1 Mosaic patterned notebook

DIY notebook

To create a moasaic style design you'll need paper doilies, spray paint, sticky tape, scissors and of course a notebook (mine is £2.50 from Paperchase)
DIY notebook
Tip: It's best to use at least two paper doiles stuck together for this DIY to make sure the paint doesn't soak through.
Tape the doiles to your notebook making sure you cover the corners or any other areas you don't want to be painted with a little bit of tape as well.
DIY notebook
The best way to spray the notebook is to put it down on a table and spray the paint from directly above to make sure you get an even coverage with no drips. 
Tip: You'll also need to put down some scrap paper/newspaper underneath and around the book so you don't make too much mess!
DIY notebook 
Once the paint is dried you can remove the doily and you should be left with a pretty pattern like this one! As you can see the gold and brown combination makes a very subtle print, for a bolder look go for a white notebook and a bright colourful spray paint.

 #2 Polka Dot Notebook
For the polka dot notebook you'll need a pencil with an eraser, a selection of nail polishes and a notebook (mine is from Tiger)

Tip: Thicker consitency/fast drying polishes work best. For thinner polishes like the mint green I used you may need to go over the dots with a second layer to make them opaque 
diy notebook
Paint your polish onto the eraser and dot away!

Tip: keep a wet cloth or face wipe close by to wipe the eraser in between colours

Carry on dotting with each colour until you're happy with your design, leave to dry and that's all there is to it!

 A few more ideas for decorating your books:
- Use a sharpie to draw on a geometric pattern or animal print
- Cover the notebook with a pretty floral fabric
- Cut up pages from magazines, old books, newspapers or comic books and create a collage

Which design do you like best?
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