Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday DIY: Studded Earrings

This week's DIY is simple and stylish studded earrings! Keep reading to find out how to make some for yourself...

To make your own pair of studded earrings you will need: two earring posts with backs, a knife or pair of scissors, a foam sheet, glue and of course, two studs.

Tip: Click on the items listed to find where you can buy the supplies on eBay. You can also find all of these items (except the studs) at your local craft store.
The first step is to carefully push out the pins of the stud so that it will lay flat onto the foam. Next press the stud down so that it leaves an indent which matches the shape of your chosen studs. 
Now take your knife and cut along the inside edges of the indent you just made. This will leave you with two foam shapes that should fit perfectly in the studs.
Take your foam shape and find the centre point (or wherever you would like the earrings to sit) and push through one of the earring posts. Once you have it in the right place slide the post back out slightly and apply some glue where the flat part of the post sits against the foam and press back together. This is just to make sure the post won't move around later.

Tip: If you want to you can also apply some glue to the foam before moving onto the next step for extra security

Take your foam/post and place it inside the back of the stud. Carefully bend back the pins to secure the foam and earring post into place and your new earrings are ready to wear!

Tip: For more durable earrings choose square or round studs which usually have four or more pins

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