Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday DIY: Custom Nail Polish


diy nail polish
To make your own custom nail polish shade you'll need a clear polish, some paper and an eyeshadow of your choice. If the eyeshadow is pressed you'll also need something to cut/crush it with although it would be easier to use a loose powder shadow if you have one!

I used Natural Collection polish in Crystal Clear & MUA eyeshadow in shade 14.

diy nail polish
If you need to start by crushing some of the eyeshadow into a fine powder so that it will be easier to mix into the clear polish.

diy nail polish
Roll up your piece of paper to make a funnel that fits into the top of your polish bottle and start to add the crushed eyeshadow into the bottle.

diy nail polish
To make sure it is properly mixed in so you don't get any lumps when you try to paint it onto your nails later you'll need to give the bottle a good shake.

Tip! You may find that in between uses when the polish is in storage it may seperate so remember to give it a shake before each use!

diy nail polish
Once it's all blended together smoothly you can test it out on your own nails or a nail wheel if you have one. You may need to add some more eyeshadow to get the colour opaque so repeat the process until you are happy with it. I used approximately half of my eyeshadow which is 1g of product with an 8ml bottle of clear polish.

diy nail polish
The nail on the left shows my finished polish shade, the one on the right is the first swatch before I decided to add more eyeshadow. You could also add some polyester glitter to make yourself a custom sparkly shade!

Tip! If you don't want to make a full bottle of polish you can pour some of your clear polish onto a piece of foil, add the eyeshadow to that, stir with a cocktail stick or brush and paint onto your nails straight away! You can also use this technique to make custom colour by mixing exisiting polish shades.

diy nail polish
Tip! Make sure you put down a piece of paper or make your polish on a tray as you may end up with a mess that looks a bit like this.
The total cost of this DIY polish was £2.89
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