Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Five Favourites: Go-To Films

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Wild Target - When I went to see Wild Target at the cinema I didn't love it, my friends didn't even like it, I've lent it to people since and still to this day I know no one else who likes this film. It was only the second time around that I really found it funny and since then I've watched it countless times but it still makes me laugh. For some reason the Bill Nighy/Emily Blunt/Rupert Grint trio just works and it has a great soundtrack too. My favourite part is probably the birthday party scene for Bill's character Victor.

Zombieland - This became a firm favourite straight away when I decided to rent it from the library just over a year ago. I really love the main cast; Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg who are all perfectly suited to their characters and of course Bill Murray's appearance was a good surprise too. Right from the opening credits this film has a distinct style and again a flawless soundtrack. The improvised sequence where the four main characters are driving along and chatting is one of my favourites but if I had to pick the best scene I think I'd go with the acting out of Ghostbusters!

Mean Girls - I don't really feel the need to say anything else other than who doesn't love Mean Girls?! It's the ultimate teen movie of the 2000's and as Gretchen would say is "so fetch".

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - This is my most watched of the Harry Potter series because it's the lightest and most fun of the eight. Like all five of my choices I can pretty much recite it word for word and it always cheers me up to hear my all time favourite Ron line "she needs to sort out her priorities".

About A Boy - This film has been a firm favourite of mine since I saw it at the cinema back in 2002. Again, I don't know many other people that love this film but for some reason I find it hilarious. Its also another one that I think has a perfect soundtrack. I recently picked up the book, which I had been putting off for so long because of how much I love the film, and am planning to do a comparison post once I've read it (after my reading challenge is complete) so lookout for that if you're interested in how they differ!

So, in no particular order, those are my top five 'go-to' films, the ones I reach for the most. When I don't know what I want to watch I do know any of these will make me laugh.
I found it so difficult to narrow it down to five that I'm going to cheat and throw in another five that narrowly missed the cut... Bend It Like Beckham, Tropic Thunder, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Legally Blonde & Charlie Bartlett

What are your most watched DVDs?
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