Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday DIY: Woven Friendship Bracelets

DIY Woven bracelets
DIY bracelets

This week's DIY is inspired by this great tutorial on Michael Ann Made. I adapted it slightly by adding on clasp fastenings to make the bracelets adjustable in size and longer lasting. The colour combinations are endless, they look cute stacked together and the best part is they're super simple and fun to make! If you want to make your own bracelets just follow these steps as shown in the photographs below.

DIY bracelet
Supplies: 7 coloured threads, scissors, cardboard, a pen/pencil, a coil crimp clasp, jewellery pliers, a ruler, sticky tape and something circular to draw around
DIY bracelet7
- To make the cardboard circle you'll need to draw around something to get the basic shape (I used a roll of waxed cord but anything will do!) and use a ruler to draw lines dividing it into eight sections.
- Cut out the circle and cut a little way along each line, but don't cut all the way to the centre. Use your pen/pencil to poke a hole through the middle of the circle and you're ready to begin!

- First you'll need to cut 7 equal length strands of thread in whichever colours you like. I cut lengths of approx 10" but you'll need to make them longer if you want to tie it onto your wrist rather than use a clasp (as shown in the blog post linked above).

- Knot the strands together and push the knot through the hole in the centre of your card circle. Tape the knot down on the back and turn it over so the strands are facing you.

- Tuck each strand into one of the slits you made earlier, as there are 8 you'll have one empty slit leftover.

- Turn the circle so that the empty space is facing towards you and count 3 strands clockwise from there. Take the third strand from it's section (shown above in pink) and place it into the empty slit instead.

- Rotate the circle so the empty slit is facing towards you again, then count round clockwise 3 strands, the same as you did before, and repeat (this time shown in blue).

- Continue doing this and your bracelet will begin to form. Once it has grown a little you will be able to remove the tape and continue weaving. Make sure that you pull the bracelet through every so often to make sure the weave stays tight after removing the tape.

- Once you have woven it to your desired length remove all the strands from the cardboard and tie a knot to secure it.

- Next you'll need to attach the clasp. To do this slide the coil onto the bracelet and sit it over the top of the knot you made earlier.
- Use jewellery pliers to secure it onto the knot and the cut off the excess thread. I also used a little glue just to make sure it stays in place. Repeat for the other half of the clasp and your bracelet is finished and ready to wear! 

I'm attempting to post DIYs on a more regular basis so if you have any ideas or projects you'd like to see featured in this series please let me know in the comments.
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