Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday DIY: Simple Wire Ear Cuff

I've seen lots of these basic style ear cuffs around and the good news is they're super quick and easy to make at home! You will need specific jewellery tools to make one which I know some people may not have lying around so I've linked them on eBay where they should be reasonably priced.

Supplies: round nose jewellery pliers, wire cutters, 0.9/1mm jewellery wire, a ruler or tape measure, a pen/pencil (optional)

- The first step is to cut a small piece of wire, around 2.5" should be fine
- Next measure a third of the way in from one end and bend it upwards and round using the round nose pliers
- Do the same thing with the other end of the wire, except this time bend it downwards so you end up with a sort of s shape
- To finish off the design use your pliers again to create a curl at each end of the wire. This makes a pretty design but also more importantly gets rid of the sharp edges
- Once you've finished the basic design you're ready to shape the wire into a cuff. I just used my pliers and bent round each side but if you want to get a more perfect shape you can use the pliers to wrap the wire around a pencil or pencil
- Try the cuff on to see if the sizing is right, keep using the pliers to adjust it until it's the perfect fit and your DIY cuff is complete!

You can also use the photographs below as a step-by-step guide.
If you have any questions about this DIY let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.
diy ear cuff

There are also lots of ways you can customise this design!

- If you have pierced ears you can also embellish the cuff with a chain which can be attached to any normal stud earring! You can attach a piece of chain to a butterfly back using a small jump ring or alternatively to have the chain hang on the front of the earring slide it onto the stud before wearing instead.
- Pick up some jewellery wire in your favourite colour instead of silver or gold. If you're unable to get hold of coloured wire, why not paint the cuff with your favourite nail polish shade?

- Embellish the cuff with a small bead in each of the swirls or even use a longer piece of wire and create a more decorative design with large swirls.

- Make two simple cuffs and connect them together using chain.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Sunday DIY, as always leave me a comment or tweet a photo if you make you're own, I'd love to see them!
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