Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Herringbone Nails Tutorial

To recreate this look you'll need 3 coloured polishes, a thin paintbrush and a piece of card/paper (I used a post it note!), nail polish remover, tissue, base coat and topcoat are optional
  • Paint your nails with your base coat followed by your main colour until opaque
  • Put a blob of your second colour polish onto your piece of paper and use your paintbrush to add several vertical stripes on to each nail. I made each one a bit different by painting the stripes in random positions
  • Next you need to start adding the diagonal lines using your paintbrush. Again, I changed which direction the lines were going in on the sections of each nail to make them all a little different
  • Once all the diagonal lines are nicely dried and your paintbrush brush cleaned (just dip in the polish remover and wipe on a tissue) you can go in with your last colour
  • Do the same as before and put a small blob of the third colour onto your paper. Make sure to overlap your lines slightly to give the design more depth
  • Once the third colour is dry you can finish off with your favourite topcoat
Polishes used: Topshop Tidal, Natural Collection Tip Whitener & OPI Skull and Glossbones

 I really hope you like this design, don't forget to send me a photo if you try it out!
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