Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Haircare Review: LUSH Retread

LUSH retread
lush retread
LUSH Retread Conditioner £9.95
For a while the ends of my hair had been feeling quite dry and no matter which conditioner, oil or treatment I used I didn't see a huge amount of improvement. I actually went into LUSH to try out a shampoo bar and ended up with Seanik and a tub of Retread. So far I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Seanik and am still searching for the perfect shampoo (if you have any recommendations please let me know!) however I've found a new favourite conditioner in Retread.

How To Use: I have been applying quite a small amount each time, only to the bottom two thirds of my hair (I never condition my roots anyway), leaving it on for around 15 minutes and even with a small amount it has been very effective. You can also use it as a treatment by rubbing it into the hair, wrapping it with clingfilm and leaving it for as long as you like, even over night but I haven't tried this method yet.

The Scent: Like all LUSH's products Retread is heavily scented but I personally really like the smell. To me its like Parma Violets mixed in with some other sweets. Yes, it is strong and yes it will linger on your hair for quite a while so as silly as it sounds I'd definitely recommend going into the store and smelling the products before you buy them!

The Results: The first time I used this conditioner I was amazed at how much lighter my hair felt when I was drying it. I have long thick hair so it can get easily weighed down by products, especially thick creamy conditioning treatments. Until I tried Retread I didn't realise just how unnecessarily heavy the products I was using were making my hair. Even though the label says it is a 'heavier weight conditioner' it still seems to leave my hair feeling much lighter. It also makes my hair feel extremely soft, a feeling which lasts well between washes. 

Value For Money: An issue that I've seen in reviews of LUSH conditioners is that some people feel that you don't get enough product for your money, I even read one review saying that a tub only lasted three washes! I'll agree that the tub isn't very big and doesn't look like it would last very long especially if you have long hair like I do. However even with my long hair I don't find that I have to use very much product each time and I've still seen a big change in the condition so in my opinion it is definitely worth the money. I've used about half of the 245g pot so far and I think if I continued to use this every time I washed my hair it would last around 2 months. 

I highly recommend Retread if your hair is feeling dry and in need of a good moisturising treatment. I love that it not only does it's job in leaving my hair super soft and repaired but it also makes it feel so much lighter and therefore easier to manage and style, a double thumbs up from me!

What are your favourite hair products?
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