Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday DIY: Fabric Kindle Case


To make your own fabric Kindle case you will need: 1 plain fabric, 1 patterned fabric, wadding, scissors, a sewing machine, embroidery thread, pins, an iron & a needle.
Optional extra: small Velcro strip

- Cut three strips, one of each fabric, all the same size. Mine were approx. 17" x 6.5" to fit the Kindle Touch. 

- Take the strip of plain fabric and stitch the strip of wadding onto it using the sewing machine.
Place the top sides of the plain and patterned fabrics together and stitch up the sides and across one end. 

- If it is a little long trim it and then stitch partway across the other end, making sure you leave a gap in the middle to turn it back the right way afterwards!

- Once you've done all the stitching turn the case inside out (so it's now the right way round!). Make sure you get all of the corners by using something like a knitting needle or your scissors to poke them out with.

- The next step it to iron the strip to make sure it's nice a flat before stitching together. Iron flat the whole strip then fold it in half making sure the edges match up properly and iron again.

- Next stitch it together down each side to transform it from a long strip into a pouch. I chose to use a bold coloured thread and blanket stitch to make more of a feature of it.

- If you like you can finish here by just going in and stitching up the gap you left earlier. Alternatively you can make sure your Kindle is safe and won't fall out of the case by adding a fastening for extra security.

- If you want to add a Velcro fastening like I did, make another strip just like you did earlier but this time leave out the wadding and just use the two fabrics. Make sure you remember to stitch it together with the right sides facing each other! Approx measurements I used are 1.5" x 4"

- Turn the strip back in the right way and hand stitch it into the gap you left earlier.

- Once it's securely attached add the Velcro strips one hand stitched onto the fastening strip, the other onto the case itself. Alternatively attach a button, popper or a ribbon to tie it up.
- Your case it finished and your Kindle will now be snuggly and dust/scratch free!
It was pretty tricky to explain it step by step but hopefully the photos will help you to follow the instructions, if you have any questions let me know.

This design can also be easily adapted to make a cosy case for your phone, iPad or mp3 player, all you need to do is adjust the measurements to make it fit! 
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