Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sponsor/Advertise for free in August!


As a blogger and small online business owner I know how important it is to advertise and spread the word about your work. In the past I have advertised my shop on various blogs and have found it to be really worthwhile so I'm finally opening up sponsor/advertising spots here on etc. Hopefully I'll be able to bring in some extra traffic for some of my reader's lovely blogs and businesses too! For the first month (August) I have decided to offer the spots for free or as a button-exchange if you would like to return the favour.
Your button advert will be added on the 1st and remain in the sidebar for the whole month. In addition to this I will be doing one feature post per month all about the sponsors with links, images and a little bit of information about the blog/shop.

The advert will need to be:
- Small: 200px wide x 100px tall
- Large: 200px wide x 200px tall 
(Pictures only, no moving images/gifs)

There are only a limited amount of spots left so if you are interested drop me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP!

All of the free spots for August have now been filled. 

If you are a blogger or brand interested in taking a small or large ad space or being my 'Main Advertiser' for September you can also find more information about that here. 
Rates start from just £2.
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