Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 66

Khaki Jumper £36,  Floral Shirt £42, Tee £14, Nail Polish in Valley £6 : Topshop
 Dress £45 (petites), Sleeveless Blouse £28 : Miss Selfridge
Studded Boots £24.99 : New Look
Haymitch Tee £35 (inc. shipping) : eBay

I'm surprised by my own geekiness with this week's post but a Haymitch t-shirt, I need that. More specifically I need it to not be limited edition, not in size 3XL and preferably not £35...
I'm also cheating a little this week as I bought both the jumper and nail polish yesterday. When I saw the jumper on the website I was confused, a khaki thick knit (aka my perfect jumper) in the Summer collection?! Being impractical for the time of year I didn't order it then went back later that day to find it was sold out, in every size. I managed to find it yesterday in store in the petite section and quickly snapped it up.

Even though last week's post was dedicated to shirts and blouses I still managed to find two more to include today but at least they're more season appropriate than the boots and jumper!
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