Monday, 18 June 2012

Week In Photos 58


001. Reading, reading and more reading: This week I finished Divergent my sixth book towards my 2012 reading challenge target and started reading Insurgent when I caved and got a Kindle. Out of curiosity I also took the faction test on Facebook once before reading Divergent and once after. Weirdly I answered the same questions with the same answers and ended up with two different results although I can't argue with the outcome as I wouldn't have the slightest chance of fitting in to the other three factions. I also now have The Great Gatsby lined up to read before the film comes out in December. Between finishing Divergent and getting the Kindle I also started reading War of the Worlds so those three will probably be the next ones ticked off my reading challenge!

002. Double feature time: Yesterday I was up before 7am to spend the majority of my day at the cinema, yes I am that dedicated to watching films. I saw Snow White & the Huntsman in the morning followed by Men In Black 3 in the afternoon. I actually really enjoyed both of them but I'll elaborate more in my June Film Roundup post so keep an eye out for that next week if you're interested!

003. New items for the wardrobe: Between my film watching yesterday I managed to sneakily pop to H&M and finally get my hands on their Riding Pant-esque trousers in my size. I did order the actual Riding Pants when AA were offering a 40% off discount but the shape of the H&M ones suited me much better, not to mention being a quarter of the price. I'd checked a few other stores already including my local one at least five times (I really wanted those trousers...) and even tried willing the smallest size they had in stock (two sizes too big for me!) to fit so I'm glad to finally have a pair that are perfect. I also gained a new UO cardigan which I actually featured in a previous Weekly style post when I discovered it was less than half price in the sale.

004. More baking: For Father's day I baked my dad a carrot and ginger loaf cake which although wasn't very pretty apparently tasted rather good. I used this recipe from the BBC website and it was the first cake I've ever made using oil rather than butter, very strange.

005. New necklace design: The bunting necklace is something I've been working on for rather a long time, trying to get the design right, the colours, the flag size etc Its taken a while but I'm now finally there and they will be available to buy as soon as the glaze arrives so I can finish them, hopefully in the next few days. I'm also thinking of doing some other patterns and colour combinations so let me know if you have any ideas you would like to see!

006: Kind feedback for Sawyer & Scout: Sticking with the subject of my little shop Ria & Daria, the winner and one runner up of my recent giveaway, both wrote seriously sweet posts about their prizes this week so I owe them big thank yous. If you don't already follow these girl's lovely blogs I recommend you head on over to them now and have a read!
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