Tuesday, 12 June 2012

MUA Nail Polish Shade 23

 MUA nail Polish in shade 23, £1 from Superdrug

I recently picked up this pretty light khaki shade from the MUA stand at Superdrug because it reminded me a little of one of my favourites; Models Own Grace Green. For a smaller, cheaper brand the shade range available is quite impressive, with a wide range of colours and various finishes. I've previously tried shade 1 a unique dark navy/blue glitter which subtly shimmers on the nails.

As you may be able to see from the photographs in the bottle the polish was a little separated with lime/yellow specks at the top and a browny colour at the bottom but I didn't let this put me off spending my £1. After shaking it quite a bit they still didn't mix in completely but mixed enough to apply an even colour on the nails. Although the MUA polishes only cost £1 and I shouldn't have expected too much I was still quite disappointed by the quality of application. This particular polish was streaky and the colour didn't look smooth on the nails until I applied a clear topcoat. I managed to get an opaque colour as shown above with only two coats and the drying time was pretty average.

As you can see in the third photograph there was a stray hair sticking out of the brush but obviously that could be chopped off easily. As for the Grace Green comparison, well it turns out they don't look particularly similar on the nails. Shade 23 is darker, more brown based and has a less creamy looking finish.

I've recently been wearing my China Glaze polishes a lot and unfortunately this only highlighted the difference in quality. Although I quite liked the shade, this is the kind of colour I like to wear a lot, so I think I would rather spend out a little more on a similar shade by another brand. However if you're looking for a particular colour for a nail art or just like to change your polish a lot then the MUA range is worth a look.

What do you think of shade 23? Are you a fan of MUA nail polish?
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