Saturday, 12 May 2012

Topshop Nails: Zodiac

Topshop Zodiac0
Topshop Zodiac5
Topshop Zodiac1
Topshop Nail Polish in Zodiac £6.50 from the Sisters of the New Moon Collection

A few weeks ago I mentioned picking up this shade in a week in photos post and promised to review it when I got around to trying it out properly. Zodiac is described on the Topshop website as a black, in the bottle has a definite green glow and on the nails its actually quite silvery. I was hoping it would become one of my 'go-to' colours but unfortunately the colour that looked so perfect in the bottle doesn't transfer onto the nails. Zodiac is priced higher than the core collection polishes and personally I think the quality and formula isn't quite as good. Although it's still a pretty colour I'm disappointed with it overall and I don't think I'll be wearing it very often!

Have you tried anything from the Sisters of the New Moon collection?
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