Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Katniss Braid


The Katniss braid or Dutch braid has become a very popular style ever since Jennifer Lawrence was seen sporting it in The Hunger Games. Apparently the reason this style which wraps around the head diagonally was chosen for the character of Katniss is because she often carries a quiver and this style means she would still easily be able to draw arrows quickly. Luckily the look is actually really easy to recreate, even on yourself!
It is done in the same way as a basic French braid but instead of taking the strands over each other you take them under instead so the finished braid protrudes. You start from behind one ear and angle the braid around the head as you go following the nape of the neck. When you get to the other side you finish off with a normal side braid. It really is that simple!

This style works best on second day hair as when it is freshly washed it can be too soft and slippery to hold the braid. On the set of the film volume and curls were added to Jennifer's hair using the TopStyler before braiding. Instead I added some dry shampoo (Batiste Brunette) and a little hairspray (Umberto Giannini Rock n Roll Extreme) through my hair before I started, concentrating on the roots. This helped to add texture, make the strands easier to work with and also helped the finished braid stay in place. It can get a little fiddly if you have long/thick hair like I do especially when it comes to about two thirds of the way round but with a bit of practise it gets easier.

Hunger Games fan or not I think this is a great everyday look for Summer and will definitely be sporting it over the next few months!

Will you be trying the Katniss braid?
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