Tuesday, 22 May 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection: Part 2

china glaze capitol colours
china glaze capitol colours
china glaze capitol colours
Recently I posted about three colours I picked up from this collection (Agro, Smoke & Ashes and Luxe & Lush) and mentioned that there were originally six I had my eye on. As you can see about a week after writing that post I caved and placed an order for the other three. This time I chose Stone Cold (District 2), Fast Track (District 6) and Foie Gras (District 10).

china glaze capitol colours stone cold
Stone Cold is a charcoal grey based polish with tiny shimmering silver pieces and is the only matte/suede shade in the range. The dark grey tone perfectly represents District 2 known for Masonry. Being a matte polish it dries quickly so you have to be quite precise and speedy with application. It also doesn't last as well on the nails but to prevent chipping I've been wearing it with my regular topcoat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri) and enjoying how it looks with a shiny finish. Having said all of that you can get away with just one coat of this which is pretty amazing. Additionally the colour really is beautiful so I'm glad I went back and ordered it.

china glaze capitol colours fast track
Fast Track looks like a simple nude shade from afar but up close it is packed with gold shimmer. I don't think this one fits in as well with it's District as the others as its only really the name that reflects the link to Transportation. Impressively despite being a light shade it is opaque in two coats. Generally I'm not that keen on nude polishes, I don't really like how they look against my fair skin tone so this was the one out of the six I wasn't so sure about. I do think it's very pretty though and I'm planning to wear it layered over other colours (as shown in a photo below & on the nail wheel above).

china glaze capitol colours foie gras
Foie Gras is difficult to describe, an unusual purple/brown/taupe shade with a classic creme finish. It represents District 10's trade of Livestock and the name is taken from a French liver dish. Unlike Fast Track this is the kind of neutral shade that appeals to me for everyday wear and I do think it's the most mature and work appropriate colour in the collection. The formula of Foie Gras is particularly lovely and looks smooth and shiny with just two coats.

china glaze capitol colours swatch
Above (L-R): Fast Track worn alone, layered over Agro, Agro worn alone.
Below: this week's nails, Foie Gras & Stone Cold

china glaze capitol colours swatch

You can see the full range of Capitol Colours here.

Have you picked up any polishes from the Capitol Colours Collection? 
Which is your favourite?

I purchased the polishes from www.beautyjoint.com priced at $3.99/£2.48 each plus approx. £6 total P&P charge
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