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China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection

china glaze capitol colours review swatch

china glaze capitol colours swatch hunger games 4

capitol colours china glaze hunger games review swatch 5

Usually I don't buy into these themed nail polish collections (although I do still have my eye on Skull & Glossbones from OPI's Pirates collection!) but there were a few shades in China Glaze's Capitol Colours Collection that I had to get my hands on. The collection is inspired by The Hunger Games and is made up of twelve shades each corresponding to one of the Districts of Panem. I was tempted by half of the shades in the collection but eventually settled on three. The shades I picked up were Agro (District 11), Luxe & Lush (District 1) and Smoke & Ashes (District 12).
china glaze agro capitol hunger games review swatches

Agro is a shimmery khaki green shade symbolising 11, the agricultural district. I was a little worried that this one would turn out to be very similar to W7's Metallic Saturn which although is a beautiful colour I really don't like on me. Luckily Agro is in the same family but is also definitely much more toned down and darker which I prefer. I'm really impressed with how smoothly this polish applies and I think it would look great paired with a matte topcoat too.
luxe and lush china glaze hunger games review swatch

Luxe & Lush is a beautiful clear topcoat packed with plenty of unevenly sized flakies and is my frivolous purchase from the collection. The flakies shimmer blue, pink, green and gold, perfect to represent the district that makes luxury items! Compared to the other flakie topcoat in my collection, Look Beauty's Sequin Effect, Luxe & Lush is not as smooth on application but gives a much bolder, statement look. When these arrived I actually tested it out over the polish I was wearing, the already glitter-filled Gypsy Night by Topshop, and L&L certainly gave it lots of extra sparkle! This is a really versatile polish and although I wouldn't say it's necessary to have two flakie topcoats in your collection, I am looking forward to wearing Luxe & Lush over lots of different colours.

china glaze smoke and ashes hunger games swatch review

Smoke & Ashes is a black based polish with tiny pieces of glitter which sparkle beautifully between green and blue when they catch the light. For me this is the most interesting and most wearable of the three. Although I never wear, and don't own, a plain black polish I really love my black-based glitters and have never come across one with such pretty colours as this before. From afar it does look like a plain black but in the light it becomes something more special. I didn't realise just how lovely it would be until I got to see it up close as unfortunately it's difficult to capture on camera (I've tried my best!). Opaque in just one coat, I can definitely see Smoke & Ashes becoming one of my go-to colours whilst everyone else is wearing their Summer pastels!
hunger games china glaze smoke ashes swatch

You can see the full range of Capitol Colours here.
Have you picked up any polishes from the Capitol Colours Collection? 
Which is your favourite?

I purchased the polishes from priced at $3.99/£2.48 each plus approx. £6 total P&P charge
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