Thursday, 5 April 2012

WB Studio Tour London

WB Studio Tour

As promised a small selection of photos from yesterday's trip to the WB Studio Tour! As a fan of the Harry Potter series and as someone who has an interest in behind the scenes work on films this place was the perfect day out for me. I walked through the Great Hall and along Diagon Alley, tried on robes, drank Butterbeer, spent far too long in the gift shop, fell in love with a £70 Hufflepuff cardigan and Kate Beckinsale walked right past me as I gave her a confused look. My favourite part of the tour was the last room with all the wand boxes which are individually named after each member of the series cast and crew. Overall I had a great day and I'll definitely be going back soon for some more Butterbeer!

Will you be visiting the Harry Potter sets?
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