Sunday, 19 February 2012

World, Meet Scout

So here's the story...yesterday me and my mum went out to look at treadmills, but instead we came home with another bunny. We didn't go to look for one and just popped into the pet store as it was near the sports one but they had so many adorable little bunnies we couldn't really resist. We picked out this adorable little black otter coloured bunny who I of course named Scout!

So far we've had such a different start with her than we did with Sawyer. Firstly she amazed me by sitting still for the entire 40 minute car journey home unlike Sawyer who was for his 10 minute journey, and still is, a total fidget on every car journey. She also let me pick her up and put her in her new home without kicking her feet all over the place, again the complete opposite to Sawyer. She has already made her first escape attempt today, crawling happily through the tiniest gap between their two houses so it looks like she's just as cute and inquisitive as Sawyer. I think in future I'll have to be on the lookout for them plotting adventurous escapes together!

We'd been thinking about finding Sawyer a friend for a while now as he sometimes seems lonely but I was quite concerned as he hasn't even seen another bunny since we brought him home over a year and a half ago. He was pretty excited last night, running around in circles as if to say 'I know there's another bunny here, why can't I find it?!'. As you can see from the photo they've now seen each other today through the bars and Sawyer did get a little over-excited (and bit me twice!) but Scout wasn't too phased by it all as she's been around other bunnies all the time. At the moment she's only tiny so they can't really play together properly but fingers crossed they're going to get along as I really don't want to end up with two lonely bunnies instead of one! I definitely wouldn't recommend buying just one to anybody who might be thinking of getting a bunny, in the future I'd only ever buy a pair as they'd be more likely to get along if they had been together from the start. Of course if I hadn't of chosen Sawyer on his own in the first place then I wouldn't have these two cuties so I can't complain!

 If anyone has any bunny bonding tips please let me know.

Welcome to the family Scout!
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