Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 46.

'Supernova' Glitter Nail Polish £9, Jumper £50 : American Apparel
Shoes £55, Ring £8.50, Bag £48, Nails in 'Without A Clue' £5, Crayon in Ramble £7.50 : Topshop
Shirt £16.75, Earrings £3.15 : Forever 21
Dress £27.99 : New Look

The American Apparel polish is one of the many Happy Birthday/Rainbow Connection lookalikes available. It's not one of the cheapest but I did see it instore this week and it is very pretty, plus you get a decent sized bottle for your money. Having said all that I'm happy with the lookalike I already have; NYX Carnival, which I'll be posting on at some point soon. I love peachy tones like the Topshop shade but I tend to opt for blues, greens and reds which seem to better compliment my paleness. 

I've seen lots of these contrasting colour shirts appearing in the shops recently which is a SS12 trend that I actually quite like as so far I haven't been overly impressed by lookbooks full of pastels. I thought this one from F21 was cute, as you know I'm a fan of cropped and sheer shirts and pretty much lived in them last Summer. Obviously with the current weather you'd probably be waiting a few more months before you could wear it... The Aztec print trend seems to still be floating around as well and whilst I love wearing this particular look on my nails, I haven't incorporated it into my wardrobe. Again, I tend to stick to muted shades so I thought the New Look dress was a nice example of a slightly toned-down Aztec print. Yep, I like boring colours when it comes to clothes!

The shoes are absolutely perfect but I'm 99% sure they wouldn't fit me. When it comes to Summer any form of sandals or any shoes with visible soles like this are a nightmare for me. I have to wear insoles in almost all of my shoes and it's a little impossible with Summer footwear. I think I'll be sticking to nice pairs of brogues with cutout detailing on the toes instead.

Lastly my favourite item this week is the earrings. If I can track them down on my pre-evening class shopping trip next week they will be mine!
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