Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Weekly Style Inspiration 45.

Jumper £39, Skirt £30 : Miss Selfridge
Waxed Trousers £29.99, Dress £49.99 : Zara
Striped Tee £12.99, Ring £3.99 : H&M
Shoes £30 : River Island
Tie Dye & Lace Dress £68, Necklace £16 : Urban Outfitters

Yet again a somewhat overpriced, beautiful UO item that I'd probably never find occasion to wear has snuck into one of theses posts! I feel like the tie-dye and lace shouldn't work together but the subtlety of the colours makes for a successful combination in this case. The shoes seem to be this year's version of the RI lace-ups I lived in last year. I've already bought a second pair of them for this summer but this new version definitely appeals to me as well. The 'almond' style toe is something I find much more comfortable and flattering than the round toes of my pairs so if I see them in store I may have to try them on. I'm also going to be having a hunt around Zara next week for the TRF waxed trousers which strangely I find myself absolutely loving the look of. I'm keen to try them on to see what they look like and how comfortable they feel in real life, even though they'ed be a frivolous purchase!
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