Friday, 2 December 2011

Kleancolor Nail Lacquer: 200 Shooting Star

Whilst placing an order for some NYX lip products last month I stumbled across the Kleancolor polishes and this pretty glittery shade appropriately named Shooting Star caught my eye. As the polishes were extremely reasonably priced I decided to add this to my order. Now you might think I'd be a little fed up of the sight of glitter at this point after finding myself covered in it on a regular basis whilst making Potions & Vervain Necklaces for the shop, but no I still couldn't resist some glitter for my nails!

In the top photo I've applied no less than four (!) coats onto my bare nails. As with a lot of glitter polishes it looks beautiful in the bottle but isn't as packed with sparkles as you'd hope when you paint it onto the nail. As a result of the layering and the glittery pieces it began to peel off easily after only a day. In addition to this when I did remove all of the polish I was left with dry, flaky nails. Of course I can't blame this solely on this particular polish, I have suffered from dry and peeling nails before due to wearing polish all the time and I guess I'm pretty tough on them with the jewellery making too. Recently they've actually been looking a lot healthier so I hope they recover quickly! 

The bright primary colours remind me of the circus for some reason which I'm not sure is a good thing but I do like the overall effect. The swatches on the website aren't overly helpful but I also didn't bother to search Google for swatches before ordering either (something I would usually do before buying online). I think Shooting Star would be a lovely polish to wear for a special occasion, maybe even alongside a black dress for a Christmas party, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyday wear. Prior to these photographs I wore it just on my ring finger as a statement nail alongside a dark red polish which was much more manageable for everyday and even survived my 'Ring in a Day' course.

I can't fault the way it looks, especially at the bargain price, and it did bring a smile to my face whilst I was wearing it. I'll definitely be trying it out as a topcoat over a base colour in the future too.
Although it was a pain to apply and remove I do wish I'd picked up a few more polishes from the Kleancolor range. Maybe next time!

What do you think of Shooting Star? Which is your favourite glitter polish?

I purchased Shooting Star from priced at $1.75 (approximately £1.10)
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