Thursday, 15 December 2011

Favourites of 2011: Nail Art

All nail art & photographs by me.

I decided to start my 'Favourites of 2011' mini series with my favourite nail art from this year. Although they weren't something I ever planned on doing, nail art tutorial and DIY posts have taken over my most-viewed posts (over on the right) and have proved to be the most popular of all the things I post on this little blog! I'm obviously not an expert or anything but I'm glad that you enjoy the tutorial posts and I always love to see photos when you try out the designs!

Aztec: Obviously Aztec prints and nails were a huge trend this year so I couldn't not include them, in fact I've included them twice! They're really fun to do as you can make up the designs as you go along and be very creative with them. If you're new to nail art a basic design like the one in the second picture isn't too difficult to master. If you're feeling more adventurous, have lots of time on your hands and a good topcoat to seal the finished design, the fifth picture shows the kind of design that can be achieved by using different colour combinations and patterns on each nail.

Feathers: The feather nails DIY from May has become my most-viewed post of all time thanks to a mention on Oh The Lovely Things (thank you!) even though I haven't yet got round to trying it out on all of my nails. I'm planning to post a proper tutorial for these at some point.

Rabbits: Being a bunny owner and general fan of their cuteness I loved the rabbit nails I did back in September. Again, they were so simple to do freehand and just look adorable. This design can be adapted to create lots of different animal inspired nails, I've seen pandas, cats and owls all work really well.

Pokeballs: The Pokeball nails were inspired by Tumblr, when I saw them I just knew I had to try it out. I'd been playing a bit of Pokemon Pearl at the time so I guess I was getting into the spirit of that!

Triangles: My favourite has to be the triangle design which was inspired again by Tumblr, this time specifically the Primacreative page. They are relativly simple to do and can look stylish but sophisticated at the same time. I've done a few variations of these so far and will definitely be trying out more colour combinations in 2012.

What were your favourite ways to wear your nails in 2011?
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