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Favourites of 2011: Film & Television

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(L-R: Drive, 127 Hours, Hanna, Hart of Dixie, Bones, The Big Bang Theory)

On the big screen:

Drive, 127 Hours and Hanna were all instant favourites for me, I knew straight away that I had to add them to my collection and that's what makes them stand out as my favourites of the year. I see two standout things that the films all have in common; the strength of the performance from the actor's playing the main roles (I personally think some Oscar-worthy ones) and the use of sound and accompanying music. I know they might not be everyone's tastes but if you do happen to be looking for something interesting and different to watch I'd recommend any of these three.

You can find my original short "reviews" here: Drive, 127 Hours, Hanna

Other notable films released in 2011: The King's Speech, Super 8, Scream 4, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Final Destination 5

On the small screen:

The new: My favourite new show this year has to be Hart of Dixie. I'm so glad it appeared to fill the Ugly Betty-shaped gap in my weekly schedule. Ever since Betty said goodbye I've been missing my weekly fix of a 45 minute comedy. Yes, there are some great 20 minute ones (hi TBBT & Cougar Town) but it's just not been the same. You've all probably noticed by now that I love this show and of course Zoe Hart's style. I'm routing for Zoe and Wade to get together and hoping it gets picked up for more seasons. Basically, I'm hooked!

The discovery: Although it's now in it's seventh season Bones is something I only picked up over the Summer when I rented the season 1 boxset from my local library and became instantly addicted. I honestly don't know how I'd never watched this show before, it really is my kind of thing. It's also meant Emily has taken the title of my favourite Deschanel sister, sorry Zooey!

The old: Still a firm favourite from my Uni days, this year I invested in all of the Big Bang Theory boxsets and I'm surprised I haven't worn them out yet from constant playing, they were definitely worth the money! Of course I love Sheldon and I'm proudly shipping Shamy but I also adore Raj. He's totally underrated, anybody with me?!

Old TV on DVD that's also had me addicted over the year: Miranda, Vicar of Dibley, Desperate Housewives, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The O.C.

What film and TV did you love this year?
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