Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Best of the UO Sale

Nirvana Photo Tee £15, Silence & Noise Velvet Skinny Trousers £25, Sparkle & Fade Printed Cut-Out Dress £25, Upson Downes Alameda Top £25

Victoria House Mug £4, Vintage Map Notebooks- 3 Pack £5, Mint Skull Snowglobe £7, Mint Reptile Old School Satchel £22, Skull Ear Bud Headphones £8, Anorak Kissing Stags Cushion £20

Christmas has managed to get in the way of my usual browsing websites and collecting of items for the Weekly Style post so I thought I'd show you my top picks form the Urban Outfitters sale instead. I've looked online and instore at a lot of the sales but haven't really seen anything interesting other than what's on offer at UO. I promised myself the same as last year, not to buy lots of things that I don't need just because they're now on sale and so far that's going well. I've placed an order for the Nirvana tee which was on my wish list but I thought was overpriced at £35 back in November. I also added the adorable world map notebook set to my order. I didn't even realise the Nirvana tee was in the sale at first because it wasn't in the sale section of the website (!), but the lovely Franky posted about it on her blog and it's now on it's way to me! Aside from that I picked up a few bits in the Hobbycraft sale yesterday but of course they're mostly for working on items for the shop so that doesn't count, right?!

Have you done any sale shopping this year?
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