Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 41.

Shorts £38, Aztec Print Sweater £26, Shoes £60, Pyjama Trousers £18 : Topshop
Dinosaur Earrings £11.95 :
Bobble Jumper £14 : Select
Nirvana Tee £35 : Urban Outfitters
Bag £92 : Kate Sheridan via
Polar Bear Jumper £38 : Topman
Mascara & Eyeliner Duo in 002 Shape Up Little Suzie £17.35 : Dainty Doll

A very cosy looking selection this week, Winter is obviously here! I'm not a big Christmas fan but trying to get into the spirit I think the dinosaur earrings and the super-soft looking pyjama trousers would make lovely Christmas gifts.

I really want to try something from the Dainty Doll range and the Money Talks blush has been top of my list since I first saw the products online. It is however closely followed by this clever mascara and eyeliner duo. Unfortunately I don't live that close to any stockists but maybe next time I'm in London I'll take a peek and finally pick up something from Dainty Doll.
The Nirvana tee is something I would definitely be likely to buy if it were cheaper, I think £35 is a bit much for a t-shirt. UO always have a great selection of printed tees but when I've bought them in the past I've found that they don't wash and wear particularly well, especially for the price.
I posted about the purse (available at UO) which matches the printed bag in a previous Weekly Style post back in October and the bag is just as beautiful, unfortunately it's also even more expensive.

I've finally been able to re-stock the Large Potions Necklaces in the shop (Felix Felicis style only). There are a very limited number available and it's unlikely I will be making any more. The large size bottles are now difficult to get hold of as my supplier is no longer selling them. 
I apologise to everybody who was waiting for them to appear back in the shop and I'm really grateful for all of the interest. If you do miss out on them the second time around and were really hoping to get one then feel free to drop me and email and I'll see what I can do. 
Please note: Those that contacted me via email to be put on the waiting list have been sent their necklaces.

Don't forget the Mini Potions Necklaces are still available along with the new Vampires Diaries Vervain ones!
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