Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 38.

Tea Dress £40, Coat £85 and Floral Shirt £38 : Topshop
Makeup Bag £10 : Urban Outfitters
Clutch Bag £30 : ASOS
LOST Numbers Bangle £10 (approx) : Foxwise Etsy Store
L'Absolu Nu Lipstick £19.50 : Lancome

I'm going to start this week by talking about that bangle. I've had a screenshot of it sitting on my desktop for months now and my inner LOST geek really wants to own it. At around £12 including shipping from the USA it's extremely reasonably priced and I'm sure if I can find a little spare money at some point I'll be ordering one! For those of you who aren't LOST fans, the Etsy store also has a lot of other lovely items inspired by the likes of Harry Potter and Doctor Who as well as the option for custom products.

It looks like I haven't made much of an effort with the clothing items this week as they're all from Topshop! I honestly didn't see much else that I liked anywhere else though and since not working in town I don't browse the actual shops as often. Even though it's getting colder I still have the urge to buy more sheer shirts, I just can't give them up! I really love the colouring and floral print of this Topshop one and I just think it would go with so many things. What do you think, are you still wanting to wear sheer shirts with everything or is it just me?
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