Tuesday, 15 November 2011

W7 Nail Polishes

Metallic Mars: In the bottle this shade looks quite dark with a lot of red/orange and gold but as you can see from the photographs in certain light it shows very purple on the nails. Because of the multi-tonal effect, depending on the lighting conditions the polish can look either a bright purple, a rusty shade or a goldy-green. Looking at the photographs side by side it's hard to believe it's the same polish! I absolutely love how it looks in the image on the left but unfortunately most of the time the polish seemed to show up purple like the image on the right. I'm really not a fan of bright, shimmery purple shades and I wish it was a little darker. It took four coats to get the polish to look like it does in the photos and this meant that it chipped and started to peel away quite quickly. 

Metallic Saturn: This shade is very different to 'Mars' as it's not multi-tonal. This colour also shows a lot brighter on the nail than in the bottle but this time I only needed to apply two coats. Again, I'm not a huge fan of the bright lime green sheen as it doesn't really suit my skintone, I'd much prefer a khaki green like my beloved Topshop Grunge polish! I don't think this one will be getting much wear.

Metallic Mercury: This one is probably my favourite of the three. I actually first tried this shade over the top of a dark red polish and the micro glitter gave a lovely sparkle to it so I think I will probably be using this one quite often as a topcoat. The photo on the right shows what one coat of this polish looks like and how the consistency is suitable for use as a topcoat. With just two coats it's opaque enough to wear alone and I actually really like it. It contains similar colours to 'Mars' but the purple is darker and much more wearable for me. Plus, I can't resist the micro glitter!

At a first glance these polishes look like possible dupes for the new Models Own 'Beetlejuice' collection but I don't think the quality is comparable to MO. The W7 shades are a great alternative if you are just looking to try out the trend and don't want to spend a lot of money. If you really like the look and plan on wearing it often I would probably opt for one of the Models Own shades as from my experience their polishes are much better quality. These are the first W7 polishes I've tried and so far I'm not particularly impressed with the quality although the price was very reasonable especially for 15ml bottles. It chipped pretty easily but maybe a good quality topcoat would be enough to fix that issue. I placed an order for Seche Vite recently so I'm hoping when that arrives it might help with the chipping issue. As I mentioned with 'Mercury' these have the potential to be beautiful topcoats due to the thinner consistency and shimmery finish. I can also see them being used for a statement nail or incorporated into some nail art which would make the brighter colours more wearable for me.

Have you tried any W7 products? 

I purchased the 3-pack of W7 polishes for £4.99 at TK Maxx
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