Sunday, 27 November 2011

Silversmith Course: DIY Rings

Yesterday I went to a local 'Make a Ring in a Day' silversmith course and snapped a few photos to show you what I made. As I've said before I have ridiculously thin fingers so finding rings that fit can be difficult. It was great to have the opportunity to design and make myself a few which I'll actaully be able to wear. The course had been postponed twice already so there ended up only being five people instead of about twelve which was really lucky as it meant we got to make two or three things each and could be more adventurous with the designs.
I got a little ambitious with my first design and asked if it would be possible to make a double finger ring. One of my favourite rings is my double finger leaf one from Urban Outfitters which is unfortunately turning green inside from so much wear. I decided to base my design on that and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Obviously cutting the leaf shape would have been a bit too difficult for a first project so I stamped on a leaf-inspired pattern instead. I thought stamping the design on to it would be a lot of work but I actually really enjoyed it, it was much more fun the all the filing and sawing, and the best part is now I can wear this and not have green fingers afterwards!
The wraparound ring was just a last minute make with the leftover piece of silver but I think I'll probably wear it a lot too. I didn't have much time to file the ends much to make them more rounded but it doesn't look too bad.
My favourite ring I made is the one in the last picture with the cute leaf stamped design. For years I've worn the thin silver band on my little finger and now I have another one to go with it!

Have you ever made any silver jewellery?
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