Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 37.

Boots £70, Sheer Skirt £35: Miss Selfridge
Watch £26, Earrings £8 : Urban Outfitters
Sweater approx £172 : Rag & Bone at SSENSE
Jamie Jeans £40, Cardigan £42, Scarf £14, Skirt £35 : Topshop
Bag £45 : ASOS

This week's inspiration is a bit of a messy one. I much prefer them when they have a nice complimentary colour palette but then I'm just fussy, so here are the things I found and liked. I'd definitely wear the cardigan, jeans and earrings together or the jeans with the patterned sweater. 
The boots are far too expensive in my opinion but I do like the fur trim. However this look could be easily replicated by adding a simple fur trim to a pair of boots or wedges like the low wedge boots I have from Zara. I haven't been that inspired yet by the selection of boots on the high street this year, luckily my Zara and New Look lace ups from last year haven't fallen apart yet!

Obviously the sweater will remain just a dream as I can't afford to be spending that much on one jumper but it is beautiful isn't it?

The bag from ASOS is not the kind of bag I'd usually go for at all, the colour, the style, its just not a safe choice. Having said that I really do like it, I'm not sure what it would go with, it doesn't exactly blend in with the rest of my choices but there's just something I love about it.
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