Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Weekly Style Inspiration 36.

Dahlia Double Collar Dress £68, Pieces Herdis Leather Travel Bag £190 : ASOS
Burgundy Blouse £34, Oversized Tee £18, Suede Handbag £25, Faux Fur Stole £16 : Topshop
'Forget Me Not' Bangle £14, Purse £39 : Urban Outfitters
Boots £25 : River Island 
'Madeleine' Printed Vest £35 (approx) : Monki

This week I unfortunately seem to have found several items that are way out of my price range. I guess if I travelled a lot the leather bag would be a good investment whereas the purse would be too much of a ridiculous purchase under any circumstance. It does look super soft though and I love the neutral colours.
I've seen a lot of new 'basics' appear on the Topshop website recently and I'm hoping some of the new tees will feel as nice as they look. I struggle to find basics that I really like so I'm always on the lookout for new designs although I find Topshop's can be a bit hit and miss. I used to get my t-shirts and vests from H&M but they've changed them and they're just not as nice. Any recommendations for where does the best basics?
The nature inspired print on the Monki vest is really pretty and just perfect for Autumn layering. I think it would go well with the faux fur stole and a chunky cardigan. I picked up a brown shaded stole from Primark last year but I've seen a lot of much nicer ones about already this year including the selection at H&M. They really complete an outfit nicely and look great with a leather jacket.
The Dahlia dress was just too pretty not to include, this brand really do make some lovely dresses. It also comes in a beautiful cornflower blue shade. I'm not sure which one I like best but either way at £68 I can't afford it!
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